Getting the correct information about South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) grants is so important. Even a small mistake can mean you miss out on the grant money you need.

To check the status of your R350 grant application, you will need your ID number and phone number. Enter these into the empty boxes on the screen. Then click the “Check Status” button. The quick online display will show your Application ID and the month when your grant was approved. This will show you the current status of your application in just a few seconds.

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Let’s explore other key things you need to know about SASSA status checks in more detail.

SASSA Application Statuses And Their Meanings

SASSA Application Statuses And Their Meanings

When applying for SASSA grants, including the COVID-19 Social Relief of Distress grant, applicants may encounter various application statuses. Understanding what each status means can help applicants determine where they are in the process and if any additional action is required.

SASSA StatusMeaningSolution
Alternative income foundYou have another source of moneyInform SASSA if you do not actually, have any other income
Income source seenYou have a job or businessProvide proof to SASSA that you are currently unemployed
Application completeYou finished reapplying, will be checked monthlyNo action needed
Bank details waitingReapplication received but no bank details givenProvide your bank details to SASSA
Reapplication waitingNo new application received yetSubmit a new application
Status pendingSASSA reviewing an application, will notify youWait for the outcome of the review
Status declinedSASSA reviewing the application, will notify youCheck the reason and reapply correctly
Identity check failedProblem matching your ID detailsConfirm your ID details with SASSA and reapply
Period pendingAn application being verified for that periodWait for verification to complete
Period approvedPayment approved for that periodNo action needed
Period declinedPayment declined for that period onlyReapply for the declined period
CancelledGrant has been cancelledAppeal for reinstatement if you still require the grant
Status cancelledYour application was cancelledReapply for the grant if you still require it

How to Check SASSA SRD R350 Grant Status Online

If you want to know about the status of your SASSA R350 grant application, it is quite easier than you think. I have collected the most common and easy methods to check it effortlessly. Whether through online platforms, apps, or helplines, I’ve got you covered.

You can check your R350 grant status through different methods:

  • Use the “Online Tool” on this page
  • Check your status online through the official website.
  • Inquire via the Moya App.
  • Send an inquiry through WhatsApp.
  • Call the helpline for immediate assistance.
  • Receive updates directly via SMS.

These various options also make it convenient for you to know if your SASSA R350 grant has been approved.

6 Easy Ways to Perform SASSA Status Check

Essential Details Needed for Online SASSA R350 Verification

The process to check your online Sassa status for SRD R350 is very simple. Just keep only two things ready and quickly see your application status online. These are Your applicant ID number and Your phone number. Providing these are all you need to check your status.

Top 6 Methods to Check Your SASSA Grant Status

There are six straightforward methods to verify your SASSA status. But before checking the status, one important thing to keep in mind is to check regularly if you have been approved for SASSA after applying. Because the date can change, you should also check when your payment date is.

1. Use the ‘Online Tool’ provided on this page

To instantly check the status of your Sassa grant. Simply scroll up this page and enter:

  • Your ID number 
  • Your phone number 

in the designated fields above, and receive the authentic results within seconds.

sassa status check via online tool

2. Check Your R350 Status on the Official SASSA SRD Website

  • open the browser and Go to the website
  • Enter your mobile number.
  • Now Click “Send SMS
  • You will get a special password or One Time Pin (OTP) on your phone by SMS
  • Enter the OTP to verify whether your grant is approved.

Please note that the website does not provide a specific payment date. However, rest assured that you will receive the grant money once it is approved.

3. How do you check Sassa’s status on the Moya App?

Another smart way to check your SASSA status is by using the Moya app on your phone. 

Check SASSA's Status Via Moya App

Here is what you need to do:

  • Download the Moya app from the App Store or Play Store.
  • Go to the SASSA Grant section
  • Click on the drop-down menu and select “Application Status.”
  • Put in your ID number and other information needed
  • Click “Submit”
  • You can now see if your application is approved, still waiting, or rejected.

The Moya application simplifies checking your SASSA status using your mobile device. Just follow these simple steps.

Read more details about the Moya App in Our comprehensive article: Moya App Sassa 350

4. WhatsApp: A Convenient Route to Check SRD R350 Status

If you are not comfortable with the above two methods to check Sassa’s status for R350, let me tell you about a third easy method using WhatsApp.

  • Add the SASSA WhatsApp contact, 082 046 8553, to your mobile phone’s contact list.
  • Open WhatsApp and find the new SASSA contact you saved.
  • Send a message saying “Hi there” or “There” to the Sassa WhatsApp number.
  • You will get an automatic reply from Sassa with options.
  • Select option 1 to inquire about the status of your application
  • Enter your ID number and other details asked by Sassa.
  • Your Sassa status result will show on your WhatsApp chat.
Check SRD R350 status via WhatsApp

5. Check SASSA SRD Status Through SMS

Similar to utilising WhatsApp, you have the option to inquire about your SASSA grant status through SMS. This process involves the following steps.

  • Open the texting app on your mobile phone.
  • Type the message “SASSA [Your South African ID Number].” Be sure to input your valid South African ID number for the process.
  • Send the message to 082 046 8553.
  • You will get a reply with information about your current SASSA R350 grant status.

So, using SMS is the simplest way to keep track of your SASSA R350 grant status.

6. Check Your R350 Status Via Call

If you want to save time from typing messages and texting like in the methods above, there is a faster way to check your Sassa status. It will save you time and give you real human interaction.

You can easily contact the SASSA call centre at 0800 601 011 to inquire about your application or payment status. It involves the following steps.

  • Use your phone to call the Sassa call centre at 0800 601 011.
  • When the call is answered, explain you want to check your Sassa R350 application status.
  • Give your ID number and any other details the agent asks.
  • The agent can inform you over the phone about the status of your Sassa application.
  • Take note of the status information given to you.

Calling the Sassa call centre allows you to check your status easily while speaking to a real person.

Expected SASSA Application Processing Timelines

The South African Social Security Agency aims to process non-disability grant applications within 90 days and disability grant applications within 30 days. However, the actual timeline can vary depending on several factors.

  • One is which SASSA center handles your application, as some may have more staff and resources to process claims faster than others.
  • The type of grant you applied for also matters, as some may require more verification steps.
  • How quickly you submit any additional documents or information, SASSA requests can impact processing times, too. If they ask for something and you provide it within a week versus waiting a few months, that can move your application along faster.
  • Current application volumes and queues at your SASSA center can also affect timelines if they face a backlog. The best advice is to call the SASSA helpline if your application exceeds the standard service timelines without receiving an outcome. Checking in with them can help determine the status and see if any additional steps are needed from your side to complete the processing.

Being proactive and communicating with SASSA about your application status can potentially speed up the process.

Sassa Status Check for R350 Payment Dates for 2024 – 2025

There is no fixed schedule that says grants must be paid on a specific date of the month. The payment date depends on factors like processing time. However, the Schedule of payment dates for the year 2024 -2025 is given below. Read in-depth about Sassa Payment Dates and schedule.

Grant Month [2024-2025]Older Person GrantDisability GrantChildren’s Grant
May – 2024May 03, 2024May 06, 2024May 07, 2024
June – 2024June 04, 2024June 05, 2024June 06, 2024
July – 2024July 02, 2024July 03, 2024July 04, 2024
August – 2024August 02, 2024August 05, 2024August 06, 2024
September – 2024September 03, 2024September 04, 2024September 05, 2024
OctoberOctober 02, 2024October 03, 2024October 04, 2024
November – 2024November 05, 2024November 06, 2024November 07, 2024
DecemberDecember 03, 2024December 04, 2024December 05, 2024
January – 2025January 03, 2025January 06, 2025January 07, 2025
February – 2025February 04, 2025February 05, 2025February 06, 2025
March – 2025March 04, 2025March 05, 2025March 06, 2025

The South African government has not chosen a single date for giving out grant money. If you qualify for a grant in a certain month, you will get the payment sometime that month. The payday can vary each month. 

To check when your grant money for each month will be paid, look on the SASSA website. There you can see your grant status.

R350 Payment Dates for 2024 - 2025
Image reference

SASSA Update Frequency: Tracking SASSA Status Updates

SASSA gives updates on grant payments and application status every month. They want people to know if they will get money or if their application is progressing.

These monthly updates normally come before the pay dates for that month. SASSA announces the payment dates for the next month at the end of each month.

There is no set date every month for people to get their grants. SASSA will share the schedule before each month starts.

People who should get grants will get financial aid for each month they qualify.

Everyone needs to check their status every month to see if they will get a payment that month. This helps make sure you get your money on time.

It is very important to look at the payment dates from SASSA. This is so you know when to expect money in your bank account or your SASSA card.

Checking dates helps people get their grants on time each month. The status updates let people know if they will continue getting a monthly grant.

Reasons for Declined SASSA Grant Applications?

Getting rejected for a SASSA grant can be disappointing. But, it’s crucial to grasp the reasons behind the rejection of your application. This knowledge can help you fix any issues and successfully reapply. Let’s have a look at some of the common reasons:

  • NSFAS Support/Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) – Applicants who already receive support from NSFAS or UIF may not qualify for additional SASSA grants.
  • Incorrect Information – Not giving accurate or full details in your application may result in disqualification. Applicants must ensure all details provided are accurate.
  • Incomplete Application – Ensure you submit all required information and documents to complete your application for consideration. Missing information will result in declined applications.
  • Dependency Criteria – Grants like the Child Support Grant have criteria regarding legal dependents. Not meeting the dependency requirements will lead to declined applications.
  • Residency Requirements – Applicants must meet residency requirements related to citizenship and length of stay in South Africa. Foreign nationals with insufficient time living in the country may not qualify.
  • Disqualification by Law – Applicants who have been legally disqualified due to fraud convictions or other factors will have applications declined.
  • Age Requirements – Grants like the Older Person’s Grant have minimum age requirements. Applications from individuals below the age criteria will be declined.
  • Verification Failure – Supporting documentation must be validated. Invalid or insufficient verification documents will lead to declined applications.
  • Means Test – Applicants must fall below specified income thresholds. Individuals exceeding financial criteria will not qualify for means-tested grants.
  • Administrative Errors – Incorrect data capture, processing delays, or other internal issues can lead to declined applications.
Reasons for Declined SASSA Grant Applications

What happens after submitting an SASSA application?

After you submit your SASSA grant application, the agency starts a verification process. They will check your name, surname, and ID number against the Department of Home Affairs records.

Your ID number also gets cross-checked with databases from other agencies like the Unemployment Insurance Fund, South African Revenue Service, and the National Student Financial Aid Scheme.

Once this verification process finishes, you will receive notification of the results. This will tell you if your SASSA application was approved or declined.

The notification should explain the detailed reason behind the approval or decline. This provides transparency into how the decision was made.

To verify the status of your application online, you can track it randomly on the website. You can also call the SASSA phone number at 0800 60 10 11 and follow the prompts to get status updates.

Knowing about this verification process helps you understand what happens after submitting your SASSA application. You can then take the right next steps based on whether it was approved or declined.

Understanding Your SASSA R350 Grant Application Status

After applying for the SASSA R350 grant, tracking the status online is important to determine where your application stands. Familiarizing yourself with the different application statuses and what they indicate can clarify what to expect next and if any additional steps need to be taken.

Reasons To SASSA Change Phone Number

R350 Grant Status Pending

The COVID-19 R350 grant from SASSA aims to provide financial relief, but many applicants see their status pending for weeks after applying. This delay is due to the high volume of applications and the thorough verification process. 

SASSA checks applicant details against databases to identify valid applicants, which takes time. You will receive an SMS notification if approved or rejected. If the status remains pending after applying, you are still in the queue waiting to be verified. 

To resolve a pending status, wait 90 days after applying, then contact SASSA to escalate and check your application. Provide any documents to help verify details faster. 

Tips to avoid delays include submitting accurate information, applying online to reduce errors, and being patient, as the process does take time due to overload on SASSA. Hopefully, these tips will help understand and resolve a pending R350 grant status.

Why SASSA Status Failed?

A “Failed” status after submitting your SASSA grant application can occur for a few key reasons. Identity verification failure is common, due to incorrect details or incomplete information in the application. To resolve, access your application and carefully correct any errors before resubmitting. 

Another reason is an incomplete application missing required fields or documents. Review all sections to fill any missing details. 

Technical errors with the SASSA website can also lead to failure. Verify your application is complete, then wait and recheck status after 6-12 hours. 

If your status still shows failed after addressing errors, consider submitting an appeal to SASSA for reconsideration within 30 days of rejection. 

Provide accurate details in the appeal form. SASSA reviews appeals monthly so the process can take up to 30 days. 

Identifying the specific failure reason, correcting errors, and appealing can get your application back on track for approval through persistence.

Why SASSA Status Declined?

If your SASSA grant application is declined, it is for specific reasons. A main one is failing the means test, which checks if your income and assets are below thresholds to qualify. For the R350 COVID grant, your bank balance must be under R624 monthly. 

Exceeding income limits or having assets above allowed values will also lead to a declined status. If you already receive UIF, NSFAS or other benefits, your application may be declined to avoid duplication. A change in unemployment status or not meeting age criteria for certain grants can also cause a decline. 

If your status is declined, first review the reasons in the notification message. Then take steps to address those issues before reapplying to improve your chances of approval. 

Being aware of common decline reasons allows you to take corrective action and potentially get approved upon reapplying.

Understanding the SASSA R350 Grant Reconsideration Process

If your SASSA COVID-19 R350 grant application was rejected unfairly, you can request a reconsideration. First, review your initial application and identify any inaccurate details submitted. When disputing the rejection, provide complete and accurate information by closely following the reconsideration guidelines on the SASSA website. Submit corrected details and any documents needed. Communicate with SASSA if you have queries. Once accurate data is provided, the process can take up to 30 days.

Be patient. Carefully adhering to the guidelines and supplying precise details increases your chance of overturning an unfair rejection. Submitting correct details proves your eligibility and helps get approved upon reconsideration.

Managing Your SASSA R350 Grant Appeal and Approval

The COVID-19 R350 grant aims to provide relief for unemployed South Africans facing financial hardship. If your application is declined, you can file an appeal to the Independent Tribunal for Social Assistance Appeals (ITSAA) within 90 days. 

ITSAA takes 60-90 days to evaluate R350 grant appeals. SASSA has an online appeal process – you need to access the website, provide credentials, get a PIN, select the month, attach documents, and submit the appeal. 

Reasons an appeal may be rejected include identity failure, existing grants, NSFAS/UIF support, employment status, age, income level, or deceased status. If your appeal is declined, the only remaining option is to pursue judicial review in the High Court. Understand the exact rejection reason to address any issues specifically. 

Following the online process meticulously and providing accurate documents gives you the best likelihood of a successful appeal.

SASSA R350 Grant Appeal deadline

What To Do If SASSA Approved But No SMS Received

Getting approved for the SASSA grant provides much-needed financial relief. But sometimes your status may show as approved online, yet you do not receive the SMS notification. This can prevent you from accessing the payment. 

Here is what to do in such a situation:

Possible Reasons

There are a few reasons why you may not get the SMS:

  • Incorrect phone number or contact details in your SASSA application.
  • Typos or errors in the details you provided.
  • Low funds and lack of airtime on your phone.
  • Network issues causing SMS delivery failures.
  • Technical glitches in the SASSA system.

Why This Is Concerning

Not getting the SMS can stop you from withdrawing your grant from the Post Office, retail stores, etc. So, it’s an issue that needs resolution.

Steps to Fix the Problem

Here are some steps you can take to fix the problem:

  • Wait 2-3 days in case there are delays in sending the SMS.
  • Call your bank to check for any potential issues from their end.
  • Verify your phone number is correctly entered in SASSA records.
  • Contact the SASSA call centre on 0800 601 011 for assistance.
  • If it persists, visit your nearest SASSA office for help.

Importance of Resolving This

You must follow up persistently to get this issue fixed. Otherwise, you will not be able to access your approved funds and use them for your urgent needs.

Taking proactive measures as soon as possible will help ensure you get the SMS and can withdraw your grant money. Do not delay seeking assistance.

SRD Grant is Active Now Signify Approved

The “SRD Grant is Active Now” status indicates that your application for the Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant has been approved by SASSA. This means you are now eligible to start receiving the temporary financial relief offered through this grant to assist during challenging times.

With the SRD grant status being marked as active in your name, it signifies the commencement of monthly payouts that you will start receiving going forward. Payments are scheduled to be disbursed from as early as the next month itself, following the activation of your grant status.

As per standard procedures, the grant money will be paid out on specific paydays pre-decided and communicated by SASSA. As an SRD grant beneficiary, you need to take note of these pay dates and follow the stipulated process to access your funds in a smooth manner every month.

It is crucial for you to keep yourself updated on the payment schedule to avoid any delays or issues in receiving your SRD grant money on time. You also need to follow any other instructions provided by the agency to ensure there are no disruptions to your payouts now that your grant status is marked active.

Check if SASSA Approved Your Grant Application

If SASSA accepted your request for money help, you could find it here to check through.

Verify Online

Scroll up this page . Enter your ID number and the cell phone number you used on the application, and Click “Check Status.” The status will show if you were approved for the R350 grant.

Get Approval SMS

Besides the website, SASSA will also text you. They will send an SMS to the cell number you gave them. This text will say what day to expect the money in your account.

It is important to check if you were approved. That way, you know SASSA will really send the grant money. If not approved, you can contact SASSA to ask why.

The website makes it easy to see if you will get the R350 grant. Just enter your ID and cell phone number that SASSA has. Then, it will show your status.

Keep checking the website to see your status. Also, watch for an SMS from SASSA about money being sent to you. This helps you know what is happening with your request for assistance.

When Does the SASSA R350 Grant End or Expire?

The COVID-19 Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant of R350 per month from SASSA has provided a crucial lifeline for millions of South Africans during difficult times. Many beneficiaries rely on the grant for their basic needs. An important question they have is when this R350 grant will end or expire.

In a press conference in late 2022, President Cyril Ramaphosa announced an extension of the R350 grant. He emphasized the grant’s pivotal role in enabling around 7 million vulnerable citizens to meet essential daily needs.

The President confirmed that the SASSA R350 grant will now remain available until March 2024. This extension gives continued support to individuals and families who depend on the monthly funds for food, transport, utilities, and other basics.

The announcement indicates the government will try to secure additional funds to maintain the grant beyond March 2024 as well. The goal is to assess the possibility of further extensions to provide ongoing relief to financially distressed citizens.

IS the SASSA Grant Extended to March 2025?

The Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant provides essential support to millions of South Africans facing financial hardship. An important question is, has this R350 SASSA grant been extended to March 2025?

Extension of the special COVID-19 SRD Grant

The authorities have officially announced an extension of the SRD grant beyond its initial lapse date. This demonstrates their commitment to keep supporting individuals still impacted by the persisting pandemic.

The grant has been extended until March 2025. For those already receiving the SASSA grant, it is encouraged to perform a status check. This will keep you informed about disbursement updates and any changes pertaining to your grant.

Remaining aware through regular status checks ensures you are up-to-date on the grant’s extension in terms of timelines and payment schedules. This promotes transparency for beneficiaries depending on the funds.

The extension until March 2025 is a reassuring move confirming authorities’ recognition of the ongoing need for financial aid through the pandemic. Therefore, Checking your SASSA status periodically is advised.

My Final Thoughts

Getting money from SASSA can help many South Africans a lot. But you need to check your application status often to stay updated. This website shows you easy ways to check your SASSA status.

I explained why your status might say “pending,” “declined,” or “failed.” Knowing why can help you fix any problems. Importantly, my team and I shared simple ways to check if SASSA is looking at your application again after you asked.

So, with clear information on what each status means, how to check, and how to fix issues, this site aims to guide you through the process. By following the easy-to-understand tips, you can make sure your SASSA application goes smoothly.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can check your SASSA status online using the SASSA website, USSD codes, WhatsApp, or the SASSA app. Visit your nearest SASSA office or call the helpline for assistance.

Common status results are Pending, Approved, Declined, Failed, and Reconsidered. Each has specific meanings you should understand.

High application volumes, verification checks, public holidays, etc., can cause delays and a Pending status. Wait three months, then follow up with SASSA.

If your status is Declined, understand the specific reason mentioned in the notification. Address any issues and reapply correctly.

To check your reconsideration status, use the online SASSA platforms by providing your ID and application phone number. Alternatively, call or visit SASSA.

If Approved but no SMS is received, contact your bank, verify your details with SASSA, and call the helpline for assistance.

The R350 grant has been extended to March 2024 as of now. Further extensions are possible. Check SASSA announcements.

To appeal a rejection, follow the online appeal process within 90 days. Provide accurate details and documents. Check your appeal status regularly.

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