How to Check SASSA Balance: Quick and Easy Guide for Beneficiaries

SASSA srd grants are provided to beneficiaries every month. After many years of experience, I have observed that South Africans who are eligible often do not check their sassa balance at all. And if they want to find out, they do not know how to check the balance.

If you are wondering what the benefit of checking the sassa balance is, there are many benefits. First, it helps you to set your monthly budget easily. Second, you stay updated on sassa payments. Frequent checks also allow quick identification of any payment issues for fixing.

Now, let me introduce you to different methods to check Sassa balance, but the condition is that you have to stay connected to the full article.

Understanding SASSA’s Social Relief of Distress (SRD) Grant

SASSA’s Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant provides short-term financial help to South Africans in desperate need. The R350 monthly SRD grant aims to support people who lost jobs or income due to COVID-19 and have no other means of financial support.

To qualify for the SRD safety net, you must be above 18 years old, unemployed, and not receiving any income or other government assistance over the R595 per month threshold. This emergency grant is a lifeline if you are struggling through no fault.

Facing unforeseen hardship can happen unexpectedly. The SRD grant delivers a basic aid level to overcome difficult times. Checking your balance provides insight into this temporary stability until your situation improves.

Four Ways to Check Your SASSA SRD Balance for R350

SASSA grant beneficiaries can check their Social Relief of Distress (SRD) balance for the R350 grant funds in four convenient ways. You can easily view your balance by:

Four Ways to Check Your SASSA SRD Balance for R350
  1. Using the free USSD service.
  2. Save the SASSA WhatsApp number and send a simple balance.
  3. For those with the SASSA card, insert it into any ATM.
  4. Physically visit your nearest SASSA office.

Below is a summarized table of these methods for easy reference:

MethodHow It WorksAccessibility
Free USSD ServiceDial the USSD code from your phone.High
WhatsApp Balance InquirySave the SASSA WhatsApp number, send a message inquiring about your balance.High

ATM Balance InquiryInsert your SASSA card into an ATM, follow prompts to check your balance.High

Visit to SASSA OfficeGo to your nearest SASSA office for balance inquiries and other services.Medium

Checking your SRD and grant funds is quick and simple with these four straightforward methods. Let’s discuss each in detail.

Check Your SASSA Balance From your Cellphone Using the USSD Method

Using your cellphone to check your SASSA grant balance is easy and fast. Here is how to do it in two simple steps using USSD codes.

Dial the USSD Code

On your phone’s keypad, dial *12069277#. If that code does not work, try *1203210# instead. Both codes will work on all South African cell phone networks.

After dialing the code, follow the voice prompts. You will be asked to enter your 13-digit South African ID number and the cell phone number linked to your SASSA account.

Get Balance Details

Once you provide the requested details, your current SASSA grant balance will be sent immediately via SMS.

The text message will show your available funds for all social grants linked to your ID, including the R350 COVID-19 Social Relief of Distress support.

Using these easy USSD codes to check your balance takes less than a minute and does not require airtime or data. You can check as often as needed to keep your grant funds updated.

How to check Sassa balance *130*?

The USSD code *130# has been circulating as a way to check your SASSA balance. However, SASSA has not officially recognized or confirmed this code. It is best not to use unverified codes to avoid any potential fraudulent activity. Instead, only use the USSD codes provided directly by SASSA to check your balance and grant funds.

Checking Your SASSA Balance Online Using WhatsApp

Checking your SASSA grant balance online is quick and easy using WhatsApp messaging. Follow these simple steps:

Save the SASSA WhatsApp Number

Save the number +27 82 046 8553 on your phone as “SASSA” in your contacts. This is the verified WhatsApp number that SASSA uses to provide balance information.

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Start a New Chat

Open up a new chat with the SASSA number you just saved. Text the word “SASSA” to start the balance inquiry process.

Request Your Balance

When SASSA responds, text back the word “Status” to request your current balance information. SASSA will ask if you have a reference number.

Provide Your Details

If you have a reference number, reply “Yes” and then type the mobile number linked to your SASSA grant when asked. If you do not have a reference number, just send the mobile number when prompted.

Get Your Balance

Finally, SASSA will ask for your reference number if you said you had one or simply respond with a text stating your current SASSA grant balance and account status.

Checking online using WhatsApp is fast and free, and you can access updated balance information anytime directly from your phone.

How to check Sassa balance At ATMs

If you have a SASSA card, checking your balance at ATMs is straightforward. Follow these steps:

Insert Your SASSA Card

Go to any ATM and insert your red, green, or blue SASSA grant card. This method only works for those with physical grant cards.

Enter Your PIN

Type in the 4-digit personal identification number (PIN) you chose for your SASSA card when it was issued.

Select “Balance Inquiry”

Select the “Balance Inquiry” or “Account Balance” option on the ATM menu screen. The name may vary slightly across banks.

View Your Balance

Choose whether you want your SASSA grant balance displayed temporarily on the ATM screen or printed on a receipt. Select print if you want a paper record to take with you.

Using any ATM with your card and PIN allows you to easily check your updated balance information printed or on-screen whenever needed.

Post office Sassa balance check

You can check your SASSA grant balance at a SASSA office or post office. Here is the process:

Provide Identification

Bring your green bar-coded ID book, passport, or driver’s license to verify your identity. You will also need your SASSA application ID number.

Queue and Wait Times

Be aware that queues at SASSA tend to be long, with potential wait times of over an hour. Waiting can be time-consuming.

Verify Details

SASSA staff will review your IDs and application information to confirm your account.

Get Your Balance

Once verified, the SASSA agent can access your account balance details and provide you with your current available balance.

While checking at an office works, using the mobile methods is faster. But if you need help understanding your balance, visiting in person may allow asking questions. Just be prepared to wait!

How to check SASSA balance without airtime

Some people may need to check their SASSA grant balance without airtime on their phones. Here are two options to get your balance without needing any airtime credit:

Visit a SASSA Office

By physically going to a nearby SASSA office or post office, you can verbally speak with a representative to verify your identity and provide your current balance details, with no airtime required. Just be sure to bring an identification document like your green ID book.

Use an ATM with an SASSA Card

If you have been issued an SASSA-granted card, insert it into any ATM, enter your PIN, and select “Balance Inquiry” to view or print your available funds. Using the ATM method does not require any airtime either.

Visiting a SASSA branch or using an ATM lets you check your important balance details even with no airtime credits on your phone. Just make sure to use one of these airtime-free options.

Key Points to Remember While Checking Your Balance

When you check your SASSA grant balance through any method, keep these tips in mind:

Use the Registered Phone

Check the cell phone number linked to your SASSA grant application. Using other numbers may not work.

Beware of Small USSD Fees

Some cell networks charge a small fee for using the USSD balance service. Not all do, but some may be deducted from your airtime.

Free Ways Available

To avoid fees, visit a SASSA office or use an ATM with your SASSA card instead, as both provide free balance checks.

Don’t Exceed the Limit

Try to keep your SASSA grant balance under R624. Going over this amount can cancel your eligibility and require payback of grant funds.

Check Often

View your balance regularly to monitor your spending and stay updated on your grant amount. Frequent checks let you see changes quickly.

These simple tips will make checking your all-important SASSA balance quick, easy, and effective, no matter how you choose!

What if my Application for Grant Payment has been Rejected?

Finding out your SASSA grant application was rejected can be confusing and frustrating. Here is some key information to help if this happens to you:

Common Rejection Reasons

SASSA may reject your application if you receive other income like UIF or PAYE earnings above the R595 monthly limit. Getting other grants besides the child support grant of July 2021 can also lead to a rejection. You must be unemployed with no income to qualify.

Appeal The Decision

If you feel there has been a mistake, you can appeal the rejection decision. Go to the SRD website and submit a service request for “application for reconsideration .”For the last application period, appeals could also be sent to [email protected].

Have a look at sassa appeal

Check Your Status

You can check the status section of your online SRD grant profile to see details about eligibility and outstanding payments owed to you. Review this information to better understand the rejection.

Ask SASSA questions if needed and follow up through the proper appeal channels outlined on the website. Providing clarification about your situation may help overturn an incorrect rejection. With perseverance, you can potentially still obtain approval.

Enhancing Your Grant Experience: Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips to improve your SASSA grant experience and effectively manage your funds:

Enhancing Your Grant Experience: Tips and Tricks

Maintain eligibility

Carefully review your grant’s qualifying criteria to ensure you continue meeting the requirements. Report any changes in your circumstances to SASSA promptly to avoid payment issues or the need for repayment.

Budget Wisely

Create a simple monthly budget to allocate your grant money responsibly towards your most important needs like food, transport, utilities, etc. Prioritizing essential expenses will help your funds go further.

Explore Additional Resources

Beyond SASSA grants, investigate other public or community programs for low-income support. Local charities, food banks, clinics, etc., may provide additional benefits to supplement your grant.

Save Where Possible

Aim to save a small portion of your grant funds, even just R20 monthly. Having modest savings will help you cope better in emergencies and avoid debt traps.

Staying eligible, budgeting carefully, accessing extra resources, and saving small amounts can grant you more security and stability during difficult times. Adopting these positive practices will lead to an improved, empowered grant experience.

My Final Thoughts

Regularly checking your SASSA grant balance is important to track your available funds and spending. SASSA provides convenient options like free USSD codes, WhatsApp messaging, card-based ATM checks, and in-person visits to offices and post offices. Choose the method that fits your needs and preferences.

Whichever option you utilize, check often to catch any issues early, such as payments not coming in. Monitoring your balance aids responsible budgeting. Hence, your grant stretches until the next deposit. With numerous user-friendly channels for getting updated balance information, recipients can easily stay informed on their grant status and amounts.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can check your SASSA grant balance as often as needed. There is no limit on how many times you can check your balance using the various methods. Feel free to check daily or weekly to closely monitor your funds.

Some cell phone networks may charge a small fee for the SASSA USSD balance service, while others provide it free. Check with your provider. But the other methods (ATM, office visits, WhatsApp) are always free.

If your SASSA grant balance exceeds the R624 monthly limit, you may no longer be eligible. SASSA may recall excess funds over the limit. It’s important to track your balance to avoid going over.

To update the mobile number linked to your SASSA grant, visit your nearest SASSA office. Bring your ID and provide the new number. An agent will update it on your account.

Your South African ID number helps SASSA verify your identity and pull up the correct account details when checking your balance through mobile and account-based methods.

Contact SASSA

If you require additional help checking your balance, resolving account issues, appealing application decisions, or have general SASSA grant inquiries, you can contact SASSA directly through multiple channels.

  • Call the toll-free SASSA hotline at 0800 601 011 or 033 846 3300 to speak to a representative over the phone for assistance.
  • Visit your local SASSA office, which you can find on the SASSA website. Meet with agents in person to get help.
  • Email inquiries and detailed questions can be sent to the SASSA email [email protected].

Key Points to Remember

When contacting SASSA via any method, have the following information ready:

  • Your 13-digit South African ID number
  • Your SASSA application details
  • The issue, question, or help you need

Promptly reaching out provides SASSA context to resolve account problems quickly. Utilize their contact channels for additional assistance during your gran

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