How to Claim SASSA Funeral Benefits 2024- SASSA Funeral Policy

Generally, once a SASSA beneficiary dies, his grant is stopped immediately. However, in some scenarios, it has been observed that after a few aid recipients die, their family’s situation becomes so difficult that they cannot even afford funeral expenses. So, SASSA allows the beneficiary’s family to claim funeral benefits.

However, the important point is that SASSA only releases funeral costs if the deceased has been receiving any grant before and has not received any payment in the month before they die. Also, SASSA does not give these unclaimed benefits directly to a relative of the deceased. Only next of kin or a legal representative claiming funeral benefits can receive them.

Now, the questions are how to claim SASSA funeral benefits, who is eligible, and the detailed process. If you don’t know, let’s discuss it in detail.

Understanding Funeral Policy

If someone getting a SASSA grant dies before getting their grant money for that month, their family might be able to get that unclaimed money to help pay for the funeral. The family must give certain papers and follow certain rules to get this money.

Funeral Insurance Plans

Another choice is that the person getting the grant signed up for a funeral insurance plan from a private company. Since 2017, SASSA has allowed people getting Old Age, War Veteran, or Disability grants to have up to 10% of their grant taken out to pay for an approved funeral insurance plan.

So, remember, there is no “SASSA Funeral Plan.” It is separate insurance from a private company. SASSA does not manage these insurance plans. The private insurance company sometimes works with provincial or government funeral assistance programs.

Who is Eligible for SASSA Funeral Benefits, and When Can They Be Claimed

To be eligible for SASSA funeral benefits, the deceased must have been a South African citizen or permanent resident and a recipient of an SASSA grant, such as the old age grant, disability grant, or child support grant.

The claimant must be the person responsible for the funeral arrangements and expenses. They must be either next to the kin or a legal representative of the deceased. These benefits can be claimed as soon as the death occurs. What documents are needed in this process? Let’s see.

Our table makes it easy to understand how to claim SASSA Funeral Benefits, guiding you step-by-step if you’re handling funeral plans.

EligibilityDeceased was a South African citizen or permanent resident and receiving an SASSA grant (e.g., old age, disability, child support)
Who Can ClaimPerson responsible for funeral arrangements and must be next of kin or legal representative of the deceased
When to ClaimImmediately after death.
Required DocumentsID of claimant and deceased, death certificate, proof of funeral expenses, SASSA grant info, proof of relationship/legal rep.

Required Documents for Claiming Funeral Benefits

When applying for SASSA funeral benefits, it’s crucial to have all the necessary documents ready. These include:

  1. The deceased’s death certificate
  2. The deceased’s South African ID document
  3. The claimant’s South African ID document
  4. Proof of the claimant’s relationship to the deceased (e.g., marriage certificate or affidavit)
  5. The claimant’s banking details
  6. Proof of the deceased’s SASSA grant (e.g., the SASSA card or a recent bank statement showing the grant payment)
  7. Receipt showing total funeral expenses
Required Documents for Claiming Funeral Benefits

Preparing these documents will streamline the application process and ensure a smoother experience during a challenging time.

Step-by-Step Guide to Applying for SASSA Funeral Benefits

In some cases, SASSA funeral benefits may go unclaimed for various reasons, such as the claimant being unaware of the benefits or unable to complete the application process. If you believe that you are entitled to unclaimed SASSA funeral benefits and want to apply, you can follow these steps:

Step-by-Step Guide to Applying for SASSA Funeral Benefits
  1. Dial the toll-free number 0800 60 10 11 and tell them about the death of the beneficiary.
  2. Obtain the necessary documents listed above.
  3. Visit your nearest SASSA office or contact the SASSA funeral policy contact details for guidance.
  4. Fill out the application form provided by SASSA.
  5. Submit the completed application form along with the required documents.
  6. SASSA will process your application. It may take 2 to 3 days and notify you of the outcome.
  7. If approved, the funeral benefit will be paid into the claimant’s (next to the kin or legal person of deceased)bank account.

If a SASSA representative does not contact you within 72 hours, you can call 0800 60 10 11 to reconsider the application. Following these steps and providing all the necessary information will help ensure a successful application for SASSA funeral benefits.

Understanding SASSA Death Benefits

SASSA provides two types of benefits when a beneficiary passes away:

  1. Unclaimed Grant (Death Benefit): Family members can claim the unclaimed grant amount for the month of the beneficiary’s death by submitting a death certificate, ID card, and funeral expense invoice.
  2. SASSA Funeral Benefit: A separate R9,000 benefit is available to cover burial or funeral expenses. The next of kin or legal representative must submit a report with the necessary documents to claim this benefit.

These two benefits work together to provide financial assistance to the family during the difficult time of losing a loved one.

It’s important to note that the terms “SASSA death benefits” and “SASSA funeral benefits” are often used interchangeably, as they both refer to the financial assistance SASSA provides in the event of a beneficiary’s death. 

However, understanding the distinction between the unclaimed grant and the funeral benefit can help families navigate the claiming process more effectively.

Overview of SASSA Funeral Benefit Amounts

It’s important to understand that SASSA doesn’t have a specific “SASSA Funeral Policy.” Instead, they give out any money left in the account of someone who passed away and didn’t collect their grant to a legal representative or the beneficiary’s next of kin.

However, SASSA does offer a total of R9000 for SASSA funeral benefits. If someone really requests these funeral payments and has given all the needed paperwork, you’ll need to wait for SASSA’s reply. They’ll tell you if you qualify for the money or not.

Furthermore, an R2500 payment is also given as a death award. It’s a one-time payment to help cover funeral expenses like arrangements, bodily transport, and other essential costs.

Processing Time for SASSA Funeral Benefits

The processing time for SASSA funeral benefits can vary depending on the application’s complexity and the SASSA office’s workload. Generally, SASSA aims to process applications within 72 hours of receiving all the necessary documents. However, it’s important to note that this timeline is not guaranteed, and delays can occur. If you do not get any reply from Sassa within 3 days, It’s advisable to apply for the benefits as soon as possible to allow sufficient time for processing.

Important Contacts and Resources

If you need further assistance or have specific questions about SASSA funeral benefits, you can reach out to SASSA through the following channels:

You can also visit your nearest SASSA office for in-person support and guidance.

The Bottom Line

Claiming SASSA funeral benefits can provide much-needed financial relief during a loss. By understanding the eligibility criteria, required documents, and application process, you can ensure that you access the support you are entitled to. Remember to gather all necessary documents, keep your policy information updated, and don’t hesitate to seek assistance from SASSA if you need further guidance.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, the deceased must have been a South African citizen or permanent resident to be eligible for SASSA funeral benefits.

No, the deceased must have received a SASSA grant to be eligible for funeral benefits.

Pensioners receiving the SASSA old age grant are eligible for funeral benefits, and the application process is the same as other grant recipients. However, ensuring that the pensioner’s policy information is updated with SASSA is essential.

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