Moya App SASSA 350 Status Check -An Overview

After applying for the SASSA 350 grant, the next step is to check whether your status has become active. As you know, millions of South Africans apply for the SASSA grant. Sometimes, the traffic on the official government website gets so high that due to technical reasons, beneficiaries face difficulties in checking the status of the R350  grant and can’t find any other way.

So, if you are among those people with limited knowledge about checking the SASSA status, then let me tell you that apart from the official site, one method is the Moya app sassa 350 status check, which you can use to easily check the status of your SRD grant.

If you are wondering how to download and use it, keep reading the article till the end, and your questions will be answered.

How To Check Your SASSA 350 Status Via Moya App

If you are trying to determine if your SASSA COVID-19 grant application has been approved, get the answers quickly and easily right from your phone using the Moya app. Let me tell you through the whole process step-by-step.

Getting Started

First, you must download the MoyaApp Data Free on your mobile device. Search for it in the Play Store if you have an Android phone or in the App Store if you have an iPhone. It only takes a minute or two to install.

Once it’s downloaded, open it up, and you’ll be asked to register with your phone number. They’ll send a code to your phone to enter and verify it’s you.

Navigating to the SASSA Status Page

You’ll see many different menu options after getting set up with an account. Click on the “Discovery” button at the very bottom. This is where you can access all kinds of services.

Scroll down and select “Services & Money” from the list. Then choose “SASSA Relief” followed by “Status.” This will take you to the page to check your R350 grant application status.

Entering Your Information

They need a couple of details to pull up your file. Carefully enter the phone number you used on your grant application. Also, enter your 13-digit South African ID number. Triple-check that they are accurate before proceeding.

When ready, hit the “Submit” button, and it will automatically search the SASSA system for your status.

Viewing Your Approval Status

In just a few seconds, your status should pop up on the screen, letting you know if your grant application was approved or declined.

It will also show details like when funds are expected to be dispersed to your bank account or SASSA card if approved.

If your application got rejected, don’t worry. Read the details to understand why, and then consider reapplying if you’re still eligible.

Troubleshooting Tips

Sometimes, you may run into problems getting your status to appear. Here are some quick troubleshooting tips:

  • Double-check that your phone number and ID number were entered correctly. Even one wrong digit will cause errors.
  • Make sure your network connection is stable. Try switching to WiFi if mobile data isn’t working.
  • Still no luck? Delete and reinstall the latest version of the Moya app. Older versions can be glitchy.
  • If it fails, contact the SASSA call centre to verify your application details are properly in their system.
  • As a last resort, visit your nearest SASSA office for in-person assistance with the status check. Bring ID documents.

Understanding How the Moya App Works with SASSA

The Moya app lets you do all kinds of things for free on your phone. You can chat, make calls, and check your SASSA grant status. Here’s a quick guide to using it.

Downloading the App

First, find “MoyaApp Data Free” in your phone’s app store. Download and install it just like any other app. It works on Android and iPhone devices.

When you open it for the first time, you must register with your phone number. This links your account to your device.

Checking SASSA Status

After registering, go to the bottom and tap “Discovery.” Here, you can access different services.

Choose “Services & Money”, then tap “SASSA Relief” and then “Status.” This is where you can check your R350 grant status.

It will ask for your phone number and ID number. Enter them correctly to pull up your status.

Other SASSA Services

In addition to checking status, Moya lets you report grant fraud and apply for new cards through SASSA options.

You can also view past payout details and grant type information and manage cardless withdrawal settings as needed.

Important Notes

While Moya has SASSA services, it does not  allow you to apply for new grants, which must be done directly via SASSA.

And Moya is a separate company from SASSA. However, it offers an easy way to get status updates through the app once approved.

So download Moya to handle SASSA grant tasks without travelling or waiting in long queues! 

Updating Banking Details through the Moya App for SASSA Grants

Need to update your banking information for your SASSA grant payments? The Moya app makes it quick and easy.

Follow this short guide to switch to a new bank account number or fix any errors.

Updating Banking Details through the Moya App for SASSA Grants


First, know that you cannot change your banking details directly in Moya. But it provides a link to the SASSA website to update details.

Accessing the SASSA Site

Open up your Moya app and go to the SASSA services section. Choose the option to update your banking information.

This will automatically open an Internet browser window and take you to the official SASSA site.

Alternatively, go directly to from any internet browser.

Entering New Details

Once on the SASSA page, carefully enter your 13-digit South African ID number. This verifies your identity.

You can then update details like your account number, bank name, branch code, etc.

Double and triple-check all info before submitting it. Even one small mistake will prevent payments from going through!

Confirmation Updates

Be sure to log back into Moya later and check that your status shows the updated account. This confirms that SASSA has the new details.

If it fails to update after several days, contact SASSA support to investigate further.

Filing a SASSA Appeal via Moya App

If your R350 grant application gets denied, don’t lose hope. You can ask SASSA to reconsider through an appeal.

Unfortunately, the Moya app itself does not let you submit appeals. But it can get you to the right SASSA web page.

Go into the Discovery section and find “SASSA Appeals.” Tap this, and your web browser will open to

Follow the instructions carefully. Explain why you still qualify and need the grant. Provide any missing proofs, too.

You have a good chance of getting approved with a clear appeal!

SASSA 350 Reapplication via Moya App

The Moya app does not allow you to reapply for the SASSA 350 grant. However, it provides a direct link to the SASSA website where you can submit a reapplication. To start, open the Moya app, go to “Discovery”, then “SASSA Relief”, and choose “Reapply.” This will launch your internet browser and take you to Carefully enter your ID number, confirm your details are correct, and then complete the reapplication form. Be sure to review everything for accuracy before submitting it to SASSA for reapproval.

Benefits of Using Moya App SASSA Status Check

The Moya app makes it easy to check your SASSA grant status, manage your grant, and access services. No more travelling to busy offices or waiting in long lines!

Benefits of Using Moya App SASSA Status Check

Saves You Time and Money

Since Moya works right on your phone, you can check your SASSA updates anytime, anywhere, without extra transport fees. No more taking time off work to stand in queues.

And Moya doesn’t use any of your phone bundle data. You can access it free of charge on WiFi or download it to your device, so it works offline, too.

Provides Real-Time Status Updates

Are you wondering if your R350 application has been approved yet? Moya links directly to the SASSA system to get up-to-date status info in real time. No more wondering what’s going on.

Secures Your Information

Safety first! The two-step login protects your personal SASSA details. Only you can access your status.

User-friendly and Accessible

Navigating the menus is super easy. And the app offers multiple language options to remove barriers for more South Africans.

While Moya doesn’t handle services, it links you to the SASSA website for appeals, changing your details, reapplying when your term ends, and more.

With so many helpful features, the Moya app improves the SASSA experience!

Navigating Challenges and Solutions with Moya App for SASSA Grants

The Moya app makes it super convenient to manage your SASSA grant. But sometimes, little issues can come up. Here are tips for handling problems.

App Downloading/Installation

Check that your phone software is updated if the app won’t download or open properly. Older phones may struggle with newer app versions.

Deleting and reinstalling Moya can also quickly fix glitches. Make sure you have stable internet during installation.

Login Failures

Carefully double-check your phone number and password if you can’t log in. Go slowly when typing to avoid mistakes.

You can reset your password easily if forgotten by clicking the prompt on the login screen. Or register completely from scratch.

Information Access Failures

Reconnect to the internet if your SASSA status and details won’t display even after a successful login. Switch between WiFi and mobile data to see if one works better.

Also, confirm the SASSA system is not down for maintenance, which can temporarily prevent access. Try again later.

Unresolved Issues

For any big or ongoing problems with Moya, it’s best to call or visit your nearest SASSA office directly for assistance. Explain clearly, and they will troubleshoot on their end.

Be patient and stay calm when problems occur. Reach out for help, and solutions will come!

My Final Thoughts

The Moya app makes managing your SASSA grant much more convenient by putting services on your phone. Status checks, updates, and links to other options are at your fingertips anytime, anywhere.

However, technology does occasionally encounter glitches. You can get Moya working smoothly again by proactively troubleshooting issues like login failures, app instabilities, or information access problems. Reaching out to SASSA directly for help when needed is also crucial.

With persistence and support, the frustrations will quickly resolve so you can continue benefiting from the app’s speed and simplicity in handling your SASSA grant needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Search “MoyaApp Data Free” in your phone’s app store, download it for free, and install it. It works on Android and iPhones.

Yes, Moya utilizes secure encryption and two-factor authentication for account logins to protect your private data.

No, Moya links you to the SASSA website, where you can change your details. Moya itself does not make changes.

Moya can direct you to the SASSA page to apply for a new card. Contact SASSA directly for the fastest assistance.

Connect to stable internet via WiFi or mobile data. Also confirm that the SASSA system is not down for maintenance, affecting Moya’s access.

Contact SASSA

Here are the details on how to contact SASSA for further help:

SASSA Call Center

To speak to a SASSA agent for help, you can contact their national call centre at:

Phone:0800 601 011
Hours: Monday to Friday, 7am to 4 pm

You can also email general inquiries to:

Email: [email protected]

Local Office Visits
To meet with someone face-to-face, find your nearest local SASSA office location on their office locator webpage:


Be ready to explain your issue and provide your ID number. Having any application reference numbers on hand is also useful.

Contact SASSA whenever you encounter problems accessing grants through the Moya app or managing your approved benefits. Their experienced support agents are there to help! Here is a complete sassa contact details.

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