SASSA Change Phone Number – Update Your Contact Details

Updating your phone number only takes a few minutes but prevents the headaches of missed appointments for card reissuing, identity verification for payments, or sudden denial of funds. But if your registered phone number changes and you don’t update your details, you risk missing important notifications about grant payments. I have seen case studies of SASSA depriving many people of grants because those people miss text alerts. You may also show up expecting funds that are unavailable if you don’t get those notifications.

Not only are you in trouble, but It’s also harder for SASSA to contact you if issues arise, creating more delays in receiving your approved money. By handling SASSA’s change phone number as soon as you switch devices, you ensure no disruptions or confusion around getting your grant funds on time, every time.

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Reasons To SASSA Change Phone Number

You might need to update your phone number with SASSA for a few reasons. Here are some common situations:

Reasons To SASSA Change Phone Number

You Lost Your Phone

If your phone was lost or stolen and you got a new SIM card, you must give SASSA your new phone number. This way, they can send you messages about your grant payments, and you won’t miss any important information.

You Entered the Wrong Number When You Applied

Sometimes mistakes happen, and you might have accidentally put in the wrong phone number when you first applied for your SASSA grant. Once you realize the number is wrong, you should change it so SASSA can reach you.

You Used Someone Else’s Phone Number

If you used a friend or family member’s phone number when applying for your grant but no longer have access to that phone, you’ll need to give SASSA your phone number. This ensures you get all updates about your grant.

Other Situations

There may be other reasons you need to update your phone number. The important thing is that SASSA has your current phone number, so you don’t miss any information about your grant payments. Be sure to immediately change your number with them if it changes for any reason.

Important Things to Keep in Mind When Updating Your SRD Contact Details

Updating your phone number or other contact details with SASSA is important to keep getting your grant payments. Here are some key things to keep in mind when making changes:

Important Things to Keep in Mind When Updating Your SRD Contact Details

Watch Out for Website Errors

The SASSA website sometimes has glitches. If you get an error when submitting changes, be patient and try again later. Technical problems often fix themselves within a few hours. Persist if it’s difficult.

Double Check Your New Contact Information

Before hitting submit, carefully review your new phone number or other updated details. Your new contact info must be 100% right so SASSA can reach you and you don’t miss anything.

Keep Your SASSA ID Safe

Your SASSA ID number is important for managing your grant. Save this number and your application details in a safe, secure place if you need to reference them later.

Explain Why You Are Making Changes

SASSA takes fraud seriously, so clearly state your real, honest reason for updating your details in the provided fields. This ensures continued grant eligibility.

RICA Register Phone Number If Using Cardless Withdrawal

If using cardless ATM withdrawal, your phone number must be RICA registered to get SMS grant payment PINs.

Only One Contact Detail Update Request Per 24 Hours

Note that you can only submit one request to change contact information within a 24-hour.

Following these tips will help guarantee a smooth process when changing your contact information with SASSA.

How to Update Your SASSA Contact Information

Maintaining your contact details with SASSA ensures smooth communication about your grant application and payments. If your phone number, home address, or email changes, promptly update your info. This article outlines multiple straightforward options to change your SASSA contacts digitally, by phone, in person, and more. Follow the guidance to guarantee uninterrupted updates.

How to Update Your SASSA Contact Information

Online Update for SASSA SRD Grant Applicants for ID holder

If you need to update the phone number linked to your SASSA grant, there are a few ways to do it. The easiest method is through the SASSA website. You can also visit a regional office in person. This article explains both options step-by-step.

Online Method

Changing your phone number online is quick and straightforward. Follow these steps:

Visit the SASSA Website

Go to the SASSA website and navigate to the “Update My Details” page. You can find the link at the top right.

Enter Your ID and Grant Details

On the update details page, carefully enter your 13-digit South African ID number and your 8-digit SASSA application ID. Double-check that all numbers are correct.

Submit the Form

Once you enter your details, submit the web form. The system will confirm receiving your request with a confirmation message.

Verify Email and New Number

Next, SASSA will ask you to confirm the email address you used during the grant application and provide the new phone number. Enter these details accurately.

Explain Why You Are Changing Numbers

SASSA requires an explanation of why your phone number needs updating. Select the option from the dropdown menu that best explains your reason.

Get OTP and Validate

Finally, SASSA will text a one-time password to your new phone. Enter this OTP to validate the number change.

Changing your phone number promptly ensures you receive grant payment alerts and other SASSA notifications without interruption. Choose the method above that works best for your situation.

Changing Your Number Without an SASSA Application ID

If you need to change your SASSA grant phone number but have lost your application ID, you can retrieve it. This 6-digit ID code is needed to update your details. Follow these steps:

Visit the SASSA Status Check Page

Go to the SASSA website and find the grant status check page. The link is

Enter Your ID Number and Old Phone Number

On the status check page, type in your 13-digit South African ID number without any spaces. Also, enter your old cell phone number when applying for the grant.

Get Your Application ID

After entering the above details, click “Submit”. The system will then display your 6-digit application ID on the first line of the status results.

Make a Note of Your Application ID

Finally, write down or take a photo of the application ID so you have it to refer to when updating your phone number details.

With your application ID, you can follow the standard process to change your phone number with SASSA.

Find Your Lost SASSA Application ID. You can also find your lost SASSA application ID by clicking the link: The rest of the process is the same as you have read above.

Change Your SASSA Phone Number Without Internet Access

If you don’t have internet access, you can still update your phone number with SASSA through other channels. Here are two options:

Call the SASSA Call Center

You can call 0800 60 10 11 to reach the SASSA call center. Explain to the agent that you must change the phone number on your SRD grant record. They will verify your identity before making the update.

Visit a Nearby SASSA Office

Locate your closest SASSA office location and go there in person. Bring your ID booklet or other identification documents. Inform the staff that you need to update your phone number for your grant. Once they verify your identity, they can change your number in the SASSA database.

Both methods do work but require some patience:

The call center may have long wait times to speak to an agent since many people phone with questions.

SASSA office queues tend to be slow-moving, so you may have to wait a while before being helped.

Despite the delays, these two offline options do make it possible to change your SASSA phone contact when the internet is not accessible.

Update your phone number by contacting SASSA’s official email address

If you can’t access the SASSA portal, you can email them to request updating your phone number. Follow these steps:

Send An Email to SASSA

Write an email to [email protected] asking to change your number. Include your full name, ID number, and application ID if you have it.

Give a New Number and Reason

Clearly state the new phone number you want for your grant in the email. Briefly explain why you need to change your number.

Get OTP Code Through Email

SASSA will verify your identity based on the details you provided. Then, they will email back a one-time password code (OTP).

Enter OTP in the Reply Email

When you get the OTP email from SASSA, enter the password code in a reply email back to them. This confirms your authentic request.

Check Notification Settings

Once SASSA emails that your phone number is updated, check that notifications and OTP messages will be properly sent to your new number.

Though not as fast as through the website, emailing SASSA is handy for basic number changes without traveling to an office. It just requires some back-and-forth confirming details through email.

With a few simple emails, you can successfully change your SASSA contact number if you have limited options to access their online portal directly.

Change your phone number via the SASSA toll-free helpline

You can update your phone number by phoning the SASSA call center directly.

Call the Free SASSA Helpline

Phone 0800 60 10 11 to reach SASSA’s toll-free support line. Calling from a South African phone network costs no airtime or data.

Explain You Need To Change Your Number

Tell the SASSA agent you must change the phone number on your grant application record. Give your full name, ID number, and other details to identify your application.

Provide Your New Phone Number

State your new cell phone number to attach to your SASSA application. Repeat it slowly and clearly so the agent adds it correctly.

Confirm Notifications Will Send Properly

Before ending the call, have the agent verify that the system has set up your new number to receive OTP codes and SMS notifications. Correct any issues before hanging up.

Phoning the SASSA call center allows you to conveniently update your phone contact in a straightforward conversation. Just be sure to check it was changed accurately on their system.

Changing Your Number in Person at SASSA Offices

Visiting a SASSA office is another option for changing your phone number. This method works if you do not have phone or internet access. To update your details at a SASSA office location, there are a few steps to follow.

Updating Your SASSA Number at a Local Office

If you do not have phone or internet access, you can visit a SASSA office to change your phone number in person.

Gather Your ID Documents

First, collect the identification documents you will need:

Having these will help the SASSA agents verify your identity and pull up your grant application.

Explain You Need to Change Your Number

Once at the SASSA office, get in the queue to see an agent. When it’s your turn, clearly tell the SASSA officer that you must update the phone number on your grant application.

Give Your New Phone Number

Provide your new cell phone number that you want linking to your SASSA grant payments and notifications. Repeat it slowly so they enter it accurately into their system.

Confirm Your Number Updated

Before leaving the SASSA office, have the agent confirm that your new phone number is set up properly to receive one-time passwords and text notifications going forward. Immediately correct any issues on the spot.

Visiting a local SASSA office in person lets you change your number with the help of staff and guarantees it gets updated properly in their records. Just remember to bring your documents and be prepared for some wait time.

How Long Does It Take SASSA to Update Your Number?

Processing times vary depending on the channel used. In most cases, SASSA will activate your new phone number within 1-5 business days, with SASSA applying in-person updates instantly before you leave the office.

How long will it take effect once you submit a request to change your SASSA phone number, Let’s discuss

Online Portal

Updates submitted through the SASSA website portal are the fastest. Usually, the new number activates within 24 hours. Check if the system has sent one-time passwords to your device to confirm the update.

Email Requests

For emailed change requests, allow 1-3 working days for SASSA to process and switch to the new number fully.

Call Center Changes

Updates made over the phone via the call center take 3 to 5 working days in most cases.

In-Person at SASSA Offices

For in-person number changes at SASSA offices, the update applies instantly before you leave.

Your number change was successful as long as you receive SMS codes on your new phone. Follow up with SASSA if issues are received notifications.

Reapplying With a New Phone Number After Rejection

If SASSA said no to your first request for a grant, you can ask again using a new application. When you reapply after being turned down, give SASSA your latest phone details so they can call or text you.

Applying Again Online

If you first tried online, just fill in your new phone number when doing the new online application.

Reapplying on Paper

If on paper before, carefully scratch out the old number and write the new one clearly so SASSA sees it.

In-Person Reapplication

Tell the SASSA worker face-to-face that you need them to put down your updated phone number as they assist with your request again.

Giving SASSA your newest number immediately makes it easier for them to reach you regarding a re-tried grant application.

Importance Of Updating Phone Number With SASSA

Keeping your phone number current with SASSA is key. Here’s why:

Clear Communication

SASSA sends important updates about your grant via text to the phone number you provided. Having the right number ensures you get messages on time, so you don’t miss anything.

Avoid Fraud

If anything fishy happens with your account, SASSA can alert you quickly to take action. Staying on top of texts protects you.

Build Trust

Being open with SASSA about changes to your info, like new phone numbers, helps build responsible relationships. When they have your latest details, it shows you have nothing to hide.

OTP Verification

To confirm changes or log into SASSA online, you may need to text one-use passwords to your phone. Having your current number on file lets SASSA instantly text you these codes. Outdated details cause login troubles that slow down your case.

Updating SASSA promptly when you switch devices or phone numbers maintains open and honest relationships. This means faster processing of your grant with fewer issues.

Have a look at Sassa change banking details

Risks of Not Changing Your Number with SASSA Promptly

Tell SASSA when you get a new phone number. If you don’t update it immediately, some bad things can happen:

Missed Texts: You might not get sent key SMS messages about your grant application or payment info, which could delay your money.

No Passcodes: You need SMS passcodes to access SASSA accounts. The wrong number means you won’t receive these to log in.

Harder Help: If the number SASSA has for you doesn’t work, it’s tougher to confirm your identity when calling for assistance.

Fraud Risk Scammers could sign up your outdated number to steal personal information or money.

Your cell number is your hotline to SASSA for managing grants. Outdated contacts on your account can cut this critical line of communication and cause bigger issues.

Reporting Other Contact Detail Updates to SASSA

Along with your phone number, you need to keep SASSA updated about changes to your home address, email, or other contacts. Here is how to update these:

Use the Same Process

To change your address, email, or anything else with SASSA, use the same way as switching your phone number.

Online Portal

Update all contacts digitally through the SASSA website if you can access it.


Send any contact changes to SASSA by emailing them directly at [email protected].


Phone SASSA to report updates over the phone.

In Person

Visit a local SASSA center and inform staff face-to-face.

The bank paying your Sassa grant also needs your latest contacts. Keep everything updated to avoid issues receiving your money. Stay on top of changes.

Can You Get SASSA Messages Sent to an Alternate Number?

If you need to have SASSA text notifications temporarily sent to a different phone number than your main registered one, you have some options:

Request Forwarding

Call SASSA and ask if they can CC important text updates to another secondary number for a short period. Be clear when you want this forwarding to expire.

Dual SIM Syncing

If your phone allows two SIM cards, you can sync the text messaging so both numbers get all incoming SMS messages. Check your Android settings.

Manual Text Forwarding

Use your phone’s built-in tools to automatically forward new texts from your primary SASSA registered number to other numbers as needed.

But remember that SASSA always calls the one official contact number first about any grant issues. So, plan to check texts on your alternate device if notifications are shifting temporarily.

Contact SASSA Via Social Media If Urgent Help is Needed

If you have an emergency or a question that needs answering fast while changing your SASSA phone number, try using social media to reach them.

Tweet @SASSAnews

The SASSA Twitter account @SASSAnews responds to questions and requests. Describe your problem.

Facebook Message

You can also send an urgent message directly to the SASSA Facebook page inbox explaining the timely help you need.

While waiting on your primary number update, social platforms provide another way to instantly engage SASSA support teams if your issue is pressing. So tweet, post, or message if you require speedy assistance.

SASSA ( South African Social Security Agency) Contact Information

To get help regarding your grant, you can contact SASSA:

  • By calling their head office at 012 400 2000
  • Via toll-free helpline at 0800 60 10 11
  • Through email at [email protected]

Visit SASSA’s website for further grant resources.

The details above allow you to reach SASSA by phone, email, or online. With multiple contact methods, you can get questions answered about updating your registration, payments, or any other issues with your Sassa grant.

Wrapping It Up

Updating your phone number with SASSA ensures you receive critical grant payment alerts and avoids potential issues accessing your account. Whether you change it online, by email, phone, or in person, update SASSA immediately when you switch devices. Confirm the change was effective by verifying one-time passwords get sent to your new number. Maintaining current contact details in your grant recipient profile enables smooth communication about the status of your social relief grant funds and payments. With multiple options to update your phone number, you can ensure SASSA can always reach you by phone, your vital lifeline for grant support.

Frequently Asked Questions:

No, you can only have one registered phone number linked to your SASSA grant application and profile at a time. If you need to change your number, you must replace the old one with the new one.

No, only you, as the grant applicant and owner of the SASSA profile, can officially request phone number changes through SASSA’s processes. For security reasons, they will not accept contact updates from anyone except the verified beneficiary.

If your registered phone or SIM card linked to your Sassa application gets stolen, immediately call the SASSA hotline or visit your nearest office to report it. Explain your SIM or device containing your number was stolen so they can mark that in your file and update your contact details with a new number.

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