SASSA Contact Details for r350 grant 2024 – Ultimate Guide

Contacting SASSA not only saves you time and money but also provides you with accurate information free of errors. In my 10 years of experience, I have seen many eligible individuals face issues due to insufficient information about SASSA. Some people’s bank details are incorrectly captured, or their phone numbers are wrong in the system – leading to various problems and making them struggle.

Furthermore, many people are only familiar with one way of contacting SASSA: waiting in lines for hours just to get basic information. At the same time, SASSA’s customer support is available through phone, email, online queries, and in-person visits.

Keeping such issues in mind, I thought of making you aware through a comprehensive article on complete SASSA contact details so that you can properly manage your grant applications and payments from start to finish. Let’s discuss this in more detail.

5 Major Reasons to Contact SASSA

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) administers grants that support millions of low-income citizens across several vulnerable groups. Therefore, SASSA beneficiaries and potential applicants must contact the agency frequently for various reasons at different stages of the grant process. Some of the main reasons to contact SASSA include:

5 Major Reasons to Contact SASSA

1. Apply for New Grants

The first step for qualifying for a social grant like the Child Support, Older Persons, or Disability grant is contacting SASSA to start the application process. You will need to contact them to:

  • Check if you meet the eligibility criteria for different grants
  • Get clarification on the required documents and information needed
  • Book an application appointment at your local SASSA office
  • Receive updates on the status as your application is being processed

2. Payment Inquiries

If you are already an approved SASSA grant beneficiary but have not received your monthly payments as expected, you need to urgently contact SASSA to resolve this. Some reasons for non-payment could include:

  • Banking details errors
  • Validation issues with supporting documents
  • PayPoint issues preventing cash withdrawals
  • Irregularities suspected with your grant

Reach out to SASSA as soon as possible to investigate and rectify the reasons for payment suspension or non-payment. Provide any information requested to help resolve the issues.

3. Grant Reviews and Renewals

Most social grants require periodic reviews by SASSA, where you must provide updated verification paperwork. For disability grants, repeat medical assessments are also needed. You may also reach the time limit for temporary grants, requiring a renewal application.

In such cases, proactively contact SASSA before your reviews or renewal is due to clarify your requirements. This allows you to collect the necessary documents and avoid delays that could negatively impact your grant payments.

4. Grant Obligations and Compliance

Certain SASSA grants come with additional obligations and requirements you must fulfill as a beneficiary beyond just passing the regular reviews. For example:

  • The Child Support Grant requires submitting proof that the children are still attending school or receiving healthcare
  • Disability grant beneficiaries may be required to attend regular counseling or rehabilitation services

Failure to meet such obligations could lead to your grant being suspended. You will then need to urgently contact SASSA to clarify the situation and understand exactly what steps you need to take to restore compliance.

5. Grant Terminations

You must inform them if unforeseen circumstances change, resulting in you no longer qualifying for an existing SASSA grant. For instance, if a child supporter through your Child Support Grant passes away or leaves your care. Not reporting significant changes in your situation constitutes non-compliance.

Reach out to SASSA in such cases to help them conclude or terminate the grant appropriately. This avoids potential issues in the future if mismanagement is suspected. After knowing the reasons for contacting SASSA, let’s move toward the ways to approach SASSA representatives.

Ways to Contact SASSA

SASSA offers several ways to contact their representatives if you require assistance. You can use the following main contact methods:

Toll-Free SASSA General Enquiry Line

The toll-free SASSA phone number you can call for general questions regarding grants is 0800 60 10 11. This number connects you to the SASSA Call Centre, where agents can provide information on available grant types, application requirements, status checks, and more. Expect wait times during peak hours.

Regional SASSA Office Contact Details

Every SASSA regional office has a contact number to call if you have specific questions about applications or grant payments in that province. The contact details per region are:

AddressPhone Number
Eastern Cape043 707 6300
Free State051 410 8337
Gauteng 011 241 8300
KwaZulu Natal 033 846 3300
Limpopo015 230 7300
Mpumalanga 013 752 4029
Northern Cape053 802 4900
North West 018 397 3350
Western Cape021 469 0200

When you call the regional office number, select the options to get routed to the appropriate department for your query. Expect shorter wait times than the toll-free line.

Apply for an Online Query

The SASSA website  allows you to submit an online query if you do not need immediate assistance. This is recommended for non-urgent questions. Expect a response within 5 working days. To submit an online query, visit the SASSA website and click the “Online Enquiries” section.

Send an Email

You can email general inquiries to [email protected]. This email is monitored during working hours. You will receive a response within 2 working days in most cases. Send specific grant applications or payment queries to the provincial email instead at the respective addresses below:

SASSA SRD R350 grant Email

Visit a SASSA Office In-Person

If you require immediate or specialized assistance, visiting a local SASSA office to speak to an agent in person is recommended. Bring any relevant documentation to expedite service. To find your nearest SASSA office location and opening hours, search the SASSA website or call one of the regional office numbers above.

Sending a Letter to the Main SASSA Office

You can send a physical letter outlining your inquiry or issue to SASSA’s central office in the capital city, Pretoria. 

Address your envelope with the beneficiary name, contact details, ID number, and full case information to this head office location:

SASSA Main Administration / Head Office 
Private Bag X55662 Arcadia, 0083 
Pretoria South Africa

Remember that postal mail can take some time to reach SASSA and receive a response due to reliance on external postal systems. If your case requires urgent assistance, use the phone, email, or in-person visit options for faster processing.

Contacting SASSA Via Social Media

With many South Africans active on social networks, you can also try to reach out to SASSA for assistance via their official social media profiles on Facebook and Twitter.

Send a direct post or private message on the SASSA Facebook page summarizing your issue and contact details.

Alternatively, you can tweet your question, including the @OfficialSASSA handle on Twitter , or send them a private Direct Message.

Contact Details for Grant-Related Enquiries

LocationPhone NumberEmailWhy EmailStreet AddressPostal Address
KwaZulu-Natal033 846 3324 or 033 846 9595[email protected]For grant information and help1 Bank Street, Pietermaritzburg 320Private Bag X9146, Pietermaritzburgurg 3201
Mpumalanga013 754 9446[email protected]To inquire about grant payments and services18 Ferreira Street, Nelspruit 1200Private Bag X11230, Nelspruit 1200
North West018 388 4006[email protected]To ask questions regarding payments or services1st Industrial Site, Mahikeng 2735Private Bag X44, Mmabatho 2735
Northern Cape053 802 4919[email protected]To contact for payment and service queries33 Du Toitspan Road, Kimberley 8300Private Bag X6011, Kimberley 8300
Free State051 410 8339[email protected]To inquire about payments and servicesCnr St Andrew & Aliwal Street, BloemfonteinPrivate Bag X20553, Bloemfontein 9300
Net10800 222 777[email protected]For Net1 payment and service inquiries
Cape Town021 469 0235 or 0800 60 1011[email protected]For information and supportGolden Acre, Adderley Street, Cape Town 8000Private Bag X9189, Cape Town 8000
Western Cape021 469 0235[email protected]To inquire about payments and servicesGolden Acre, Adderley Street, Cape Town 8000Private Bag X9189, Cape Town 8000
Eastern Cape043 707 6335 or 043 707 6487[email protected]For information and supportBKB Building, Cnr Fitzpatrick & Merino Road, East LondonPrivate Bag X9001, Chiselhurst, East London 5200
Randfontein011 693 4600 or 0800 60 1011[email protected]For information and support78 Main Reef Rd, Randfontein 1760
Gauteng012 400 2000 or 0800 60 .1011[email protected]For grant inquiries or help214 Marshalltown Drive, Marshalltown 2107Private Bag X120, Marshalltown 2107
Durban031 065 0471 or 0800 60 1011[email protected]For grant inquiries or help
Limpopo015 291 7509 or 015 291 7416[email protected]For grant inquiries or assistance43 Landros Mare Street, Polokwane 0699Private Bag X9677, Polokwane 0700

Information Needed When Contacting SASSA

Regardless of which contact method you use to reach SASSA, ensure key information is ready for the query or application process. This includes:

  • Your 13-digit South African ID number
  • Contact details like cellphone number and email address
  • Recent application reference number (if applicable)
  • Type of grant applied for (if applicable)

This information allows SASSA agents to provide quicker, more targeted assistance for your case.

How to Contact SASSA if you want to Check Your SASSA Application Status

If you already applied for a SASSA grant, you can check where your application is at through:

Use SASSA Official Website

You can check the status of your application by visiting Upon entering ID and pone number you can see your application status easily.

Check instantly Through our Tool

Use the SASSA portal at and enter your ID and Phone number to see your status online. Make sure to check regularly for the latest updates.


Phone the national call center or regional office at 0800 601 011. Give your application reference number issued when you first applied. The agent can tell you your status.

Email to Ask

Email [email protected] to request your application status. Specify your name, ID number, and reference number.

Get SMS Updates

Give your phone number when applying to get SMS messages at 082 046 8553 about your status updates. Check for messages saying if your application is still pending, approved, rejected, etc.

Check Via WhatsApp

You can also send a WhatsApp message to 082 046 8553 to request the status of your SASSA application. Specify your name, ID number, and application reference number in the message. An agent will look up your details and respond with an update on the current status.

Ask In-Person

Go back to the SASSA regional office where you applied and ask for your current status in person. Provide your ID and reference number for them to check.

Following up directly with SASSA is the best way to confirm the outcome of your grant application.

How to Contact SASSA if you see any Fraud in SASSA Grant

If you think someone is illegally getting SASSA money or you see dishonest behavior, report it quickly through the following ways:

How to Contact SASSA if you see any Fraud in SASSA Grant

Online Fraud Form

The easy way to contact SASSA if you find any fraud is to browse online using the SASSA website. It usually consists of the following steps:

  • Fill out the fraud report form on the SASSA website.
  • Attach any evidence files, photos, or documents and submit them.

Call the Fraud Hotline

Another robust, quick, and easiest way is to pick up your phone and make a call to report if you see any fraud on the spot. For that do the following things.

  • First, dial 0800 601 011 and tell SASSA about fraud with proof without revealing your name.
  • provide all the details you have about the fraud.

Email About Fraud

The third option you can use is emailing to the official email address of SASSA

  • provide all the details by satisfying the answers to the following questions who did the fraud, where it happened, when it occurred, and how you acknowledged through proof.
  • After writing all, simply send all fraud details to [email protected].

Tell In-Person

The fourth and last one way is to visit the nearest SASSA office and do the following steps.

  • Politely meet the fraud manager at your nearest SASSA office and tell him all the situation clearly.
  • After that hand over any physical evidence with your report so that a proper investigation may proceed.

Grant fraud takes money meant for poor and vulnerable people. Reporting quickly can prevent more fraud.

How to Complain About SASSA Service

If you get poor service from SASSA, you have options to complain:

Call to Complain

One of the easiest and quickest methods to complain is through a call. Dial the number to the SASSA call center to lodge an official complaint. Note the agent’s name assisting you. Get a reference number to follow up.

Email Your Complaint

Another way is to send an email to [email protected] with details of your complaint. Give your name, ID, contacts, and full issue description. Attach any related evidence files or photos.

Online Complaint Form

Fill out the complaint form on the SASSA website under Contacts. Provide what happened and what you want done.

In-Person Complaint

Last option is to ask to meet a SASSA office manager. Politely yet firmly explain your issue in person. Be specific about the unsatisfactory service.

By following the above methods you can resolve your complaints in an effective way.

How to contact SASSA if Your Personal Details are wrong/change

If your personal details change, contact SASSA quickly to give updated information to avoid problems.

For Changing Phone Numbers

Call the SASSA call center or visit the office to give your new active mobile number for them to update.

Have a look at SASSA Change Phone Number

For Changing Marital Status

Go to the SASSA office with your ID, copies of marriage or divorce papers, and filled forms to adapt status if it impacts your grant eligibility.

For Updating Your Address

Go in person to the nearest SASSA office and show your green ID book to prove your new home address. An agent will change your address on the system.

For Changing Bank Account

Get the Annexure C form from the SASSA office/website and take to new bank to fill and stamp. Return to SASSA to update account details.

Informing SASSA quickly about any changes prevents payment problems and confirms you can be contacted.

How to Contact SASSA if You Want to appeal a Rejected SASSA Grant Application

If your grant application is denied, you can dispute the rejection within 90 days by completing an Appeal Form from your nearest SASSA office or online, giving reasons and adding proof docs. Go back in person to the same SASSA office to submit the form with your green ID for identity confirmation using fingerprints. You will then receive an SMS notification within 10 working days on whether your appeal is accepted or still rejected. Act fast within 90 days if you still think you qualify.

For Detailed information about how to appeal for SASSA grant application visit Sassa Appeal for r350

Important Tips to Get Help from SASSA Workers

  • Provide documents when asked.
  • Explain the background clearly.
  • Quote application numbers.
  • Verify identity when requested.
  • Capture staff names assisting.
  • Request manager help if unresolved.
  • Stay polite in frustration.
  • Follow up persistently if no response.
  • Ask for the next steps if pending.
  • Seek case reference codes.
  • Patiently confirm understanding.
  • Allow time to evaluate evidence.
  • Calmly request payment updates.

Wrapping it Up

SASSA provides invaluable financial aid to millions of South Africans through its comprehensive grant programs. If you need to apply for a grant or have any other issues, use their toll-free call center number, visit a regional office near you, or contact them through email or online queries depending on the urgency of your case. Their representatives will assist you further based on the specialized contact channels for different grants highlighted in this article. Ensure to have your basic personal details, ID number, recent application details and grant type (if applicable) ready when contacting SASSA for quicker assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can check the status of your application by calling the SASSA call center, emailing [email protected], receiving SMS updates, checking online, or visiting your nearest SASSA regional office in person. Provide your name, ID number, and application reference number when checking so they can look up your case.

To apply for an older person grant, you will need a valid green barcoded ID or Smart ID, proof of your marital status, recent bank statements, proof of residence, and medical assessment results if required. Visit your nearest SASSA office with all documentation to begin the application process.

If any of your personal details like address, marital status or bank details are incorrect on your SASSA grant, visit your nearest SASSA regional office as soon as possible. Bring your green barcoded ID book and inform them of what information needs to be updated by their agents.

If you missed your grant collection date at the pay point, you can contact SASSA to arrange a special collection timeslot within that same month. Call the customer care line or visit your nearest local office to make this arrangement by providing your ID number and grant details.

If you and your ex-spouse divorce, you will need to complete the Child Grant Primary Caregiver Forms to change the Child Grant into your name going forward as the children’s primary caregiver. Visit SASSA to start this transfer process.

If your SASSA card is lost or stolen, visit your nearest SASSA office as soon as possible to report it missing and apply for a replacement. This process may take several weeks so start early to avoid missing grant collection dates. Provide your green barcoded ID for positive identification.

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