SASSA Old Age Grant: Eligibility, Benefits, and Application Process for 2024

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Old age is that phase of life when a person’s faculties become feeble, and they need care, attention, and rest. And if any neediness, poverty, or illness befalls them in this critical age, their life becomes very difficult. Keeping this in mind, Sassa has allocated a special grant for its esteemed senior citizens to fulfill their basic needs.

However, this old age grant does not mean anyone can apply for it. There are specific eligibility criteria that no one can meet for this grant.

If you want to know everything about the SASSA old age grant, like how to apply for it, how to check the application status, and any other information necessary for the old age grant, then read this article till the end without wasting time and gain knowledge on how to obtain this beneficiary grant authentically. Let’s look at the details.

Who Qualifies For Sassa Old Age Grant: Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility for Old Age Government Funds in South Africa

The government provides monthly funds for some older people in South Africa. These funds are for buying food and taking care of other needs. Who is allowed to apply and receive this aid?

  • You have to prove you are a South African citizen or refugee permitted in the country.
  • Your main residence must be located within South African borders.
  • You cannot already be benefiting from other government money programs.
  • Your age needs to show 60 years or above.
  • You are not currently living in a facility run by the state.

There are also limits on earnings and personal assets:

Single Person Rules

  • Your income each month – no more than R8,070
  • All that you own – worth R1,372,800 max

Married Person Rules:

  • Both incomes per month – R16,140 cap
  • The combined value of stuff owned – R2,745,600 limit

Check available start dates on the state welfare website. These are rules to get monthly grants from the government in old age.

What Means Test For The SASSA Old Age Grant?

When you apply for monthly money from SASSA when you are old, they look at your finances. This is to be sure only people who need the money get it. They check two things:

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1. Your Savings and Stuff You Own

  • If you are single, all your savings and stuff you own must be worth no more than R1,372,800.
  • If you are married, you and your wife/husband’s total savings and stuff must be worth no more than R2,745,600.

2. Your Earnings

  • If you are single, you can’t earn more than R96,840 in one year.
  • If you are married, you and your wife/husband together can’t earn more than R193,680 in a year.

SASSA has a different money and assets check for each grant type. This is what the SASSA means: test checks for the old age grant – your earnings and worth of total belongings. It ensures the money goes to people who truly need assistance.

Required Documents to Apply for Elderly Grant

When you go to SASSA to ask for the monthly money they give to seniors, you must bring originals or copies of certain papers that show your identity, financial situation, marital status, and address. Here is everything you need:

Required Documents to Apply for Elderly Grant

1. ID Book

You must have your green barcoded South African ID book with 13 numbers. If you don’t have this:

  • Fill out SASSA’s written statement form about why you don’t have an ID. Do this with an Oaths Commissioner.
  • Bring a signed letter from someone important like a teacher, priest, chief, or social worker. This letter must verify your name and age.

SASSA will take your fingerprints and help you apply for your ID book. You need to get this ID, or SASSA will stop paying your grant.

2. Marital Status Documents

If you are or were married, also bring:

  • Marriage certificate
  • Divorce papers

3. Where You Live

Bring anything showing where you currently live – it can be account letters to your home address showing your name, a bank statement, etc.

4. Money You Have

Bring papers showing:

  • Total savings you and your spouse have
  • Income statements
  • Property/assets you own and what they are worth

5. Past Job Papers

If you worked before, bring your UIF certificate or a letter from that workplace saying when you left.

6. Spouse Death Documents (If Applicable)

If your husband/wife died in the past five years, provide their death certificate, will, and financial statements showing inheritance/assets received after they passed away.

Have a look at: SASSA Funeral Policy

This is everything seniors need to successfully apply for the grant for older persons from SASSA.

Sassa old age grant online application

You can request the senior grant money SASSA provides through their website without visiting an office. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Make an Account

Go to the SASSA site and click “Register” to create a login account with your ID number and personal details. Choose a username and password.

Step 2: Fill Out the Application

Use your new login to access the application form. Complete all required boxes with your identifying and contact information.

Step 3: Upload Proof Documents

Attach scanned or photographed copies of all your needed proofs. This includes your ID, spouse ID, marriage/divorce papers, current address evidence, income statements, property values, pension slips, and any other financial documents.

Step 4: Enter Your Bank Details

Provide account details for where you want your grant money to be sent every month.

Step 5: Double Check Details

Carefully review everything you entered to check for mistakes before submitting.

Step 6: Accept Terms

Read and agree to SASSA’s legal terms to finalize the submission.

If you are struggling with the technology, ask a SASSA officer for help when you visit to supply your fingerprints and signature. Whether approved or not, keep the dated receipt from your visit as application proof.

Processing Time for the Application of SASSA Older Persons Grant

When you ask SASSA for monthly support money because you are elderly, plan for about three months until they make a decision. If approved, your money starts coming after this wait. You will get back payments from the date you first asked. If SASSA says no, they will mail you a letter explaining why you cannot get this grant help. Contact SASSA if you have any other questions while waiting to hear back!

How much is the SASSA Grant for Older Persons?

When you become 60 years or older in South Africa, you can apply to get regular money from the government. This is called the older person grant. If you qualify based on your finances and background, how much can you receive? The old age grant amount is between R1900 to R2200 per month. It recently increased from previous years.

Current Monthly Money From Government For Seniors

The amount of regular financial help from SASSA depends on your age if you are 60+ in South Africa. As of October 2023: Ages 60-74 get R2,090 per month. Ages 75+ receive R2,110 per month.

In April 2024, both groups can expect an R10 increase.

Sassa Pension 350 Grant payment date

SASSA recently announced a change to the schedule for when monthly financial help is sent to seniors. This update happened on October 19th.

The exact dates when the money for old people arrives may move around slightly from year to year. SASSA has not yet released the official calendar for 2024. Usually, they share the details for the next year closer to that time.

Have A look At : Social grant dates

For now, those getting regular grant money from SASSA can expect it around:

Grant Month [2024-2025]Older Person GrantDisability GrantChildren’s Grant
April – 2024April 03, 2024April 04, 2024April 05, 2024
May – 2024May 03, 2024May 06, 2024May 07, 2024
June – 2024June 04, 2024June 05, 2024June 06, 2024
July – 2024July 02, 2024July 03, 2024July 04, 2024
August – 2024August 02, 2024August 05, 2024August 06, 2024
September – 2024September 03, 2024September 04, 2024September 05, 2024
OctoberOctober 02, 2024October 03, 2024October 04, 2024
November – 2024November 05, 2024November 06, 2024November 07, 2024
DecemberDecember 03, 2024December 04, 2024December 05, 2024
January – 2025January 03, 2025January 06, 2025January 07, 2025
February – 2025February 04, 2025February 05, 2025February 06, 2025
March – 2025March 04, 2025March 05, 2025March 06, 2025

Seniors should check the SASSA website or visit local offices regularly. This will have the most up-to-date dates for when checks for older persons will arrive each month of 2024. The schedule may change.

Sassa old age grant status check

Once you ask SASSA for regular monthly funds because you are a senior, you will want to check if you were approved. How can you look up the status while you wait?

Sassa old age grant status check

Use Our Quick Tool For Old Age Grant Status Check

Quickly check on your old age grant status by having your ID and reference number prepared, then clicking the link to access the online tool. As you click on the submit button you will instantly see your grant status.

On the SASSA Website

Use the online portal to log in and view updates on your application. It will say if it is still being reviewed, approved, or denied.

Through the Moya Phone App

Download the free Moya app to connect your SASSA account. This lets you see your status even without internet data.


Text the number 082-046-8553. Include your ID number and grant type. SASSA texts back your current status.

Through WhatsApp

Message SASSA at 082-046-8553 on WhatsApp. Give your ID and grant details. An agent will let you know your status.


Phone SASSA at 0800-601-011. Follow the prompts to check on an existing application using your ID number.

Keep monitoring frequently after applying in case any questions come up. Once approved, keep verifying your status to see upcoming money payments.

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What should you do if your SASSA Old Age Grant Application is not approved?

What if you ask SASSA for regular monthly funds because you are elderly, but they say you are not approved? Here is what you can do if this happens:

Ask SASSA to Check Again

Tell SASSA you think there was a mistake with why you were denied. Politely request they look at your application again in case something was missed.

File an Appeal

If SASSA says no again, you have 90 days to send an appeal letter. This asks the government’s Ministry of Social Development to review and overturn SASSA’s choice.

Read more details about SASSA Appeal: How to Appeal SASSA SRD Grant?

Get a Written Response

The Minister’s office will study your appeal and decide if SASSA should have approved you. If they agree with you, SASSA must provide your grant going forward. If they still say you don’t qualify, the Minister’s office will mail you an explanation of why.

You can question being denied if you believe you meet requirements. Following up shows you deserve financial help for older persons.

What are the payment methods for SASSA old age grants?

Once SASSA approves you to receive regular funds because you are elderly, how will you get this monthly pension? There are three main options:

Bank Account Direct Deposit

SASSA can send the money right into your bank account every month. This way is easy, but banks sometimes charge fees.

Cash Withdrawals

You can take out the cash from Pick n Pay, Shoprite, Checkers, or other shops working with SASSA. Go to one near you.

Through an Organization

If you live in an old age home or nonprofit disability center, SASSA can pay the grant directly to them for your care.

To set up direct bank deposits, you need to give SASSA:

  • ID proof
  • Bank account number in your name
  • 3 months of your account statements

You can update the payment method anytime by visiting SASSA offices, but changes take one month.

If you cannot physically collect payments, nominate a trusted person to assist you.

Sassa Pension Balance Check

Once SASSA approves you for regular financial help because you are elderly, you can check how much remains each month. Here are a few easy ways:

Dial a USSD Code

Use your phone to dial either 1203210# or 12069277#. This pulls up your current balance.

Use Any ATM

Insert your SASSA card at ATMs to view your available funds. Fees may apply.

WhatsApp SASSA

Message 082 046 8553 on WhatsApp, and an agent can tell you your latest balance if you give your ID details.

Check Online

Log into the SASSA website using your account and check your balance there.


Phone 0800 601 011 to speak with SASSA call center employees who can assist with balance checks.

Checking how much grant money you have left regularly helps manage what is available to budget until the next payment.

When will the SASSA older person grant be reviewed and suspended?

When approved for regular funds from SASSA because you are elderly, they will double check every few years that you still should get this help. Here is how reviews and grant suspensions work:

How SASSA Reviews

SASSA wants to confirm that your situation and income did not change to ensure you still qualify. They also check you are still living. You get a letter three months before stating when and where your review will happen.

If money goes into your bank or caretaker’s account, submit a life certificate from SASSA’s office once a year, proving you are alive. If you cannot travel, SASSA staff will visit your home to review. After the check, you get a paper saying you can keep receiving the amount.

Grounds for Grant suspension

SASSA stops your grants when you move away from South Africa, provide wrong information, use funds improperly, and more.

Grant Suspension Reasons

Here are reasons SASSA may suspend your monthly grant income:

  • Circumstances improved, so you no longer qualify based on financial eligibility
  • You gave false information or committed fraud
  • You did not cooperate at review appointments
  • Reviews show you should not receive it anymore
  • Your grant was approved by an administration error originally

Keeping your details current will help avoid suspension at review times.

Restoration of the Grant

What if your regular grant funds from the government are suddenly stopped, but you disagree? You can take action to fix this. Within 90 days after it stops, send a letter to the Social Development Department disagreeing with SASSA. Explain why you think you still deserve the financial help for seniors. The national office will review your letter and decide whether to overturn the suspension. This way, eligible elders can get their needed monthly income back again.

Reasons for Lapsing of the Old Age Grant

There are situations where SASSA will halt your regular senior funds without choice. This is called lapsing. Here is when it happens:

  • If you die.
  • You are still alive if you miss providing a life certificate when SASSA requests annual proof.
  • Your grant payments sit uncollected for three months straight. After 90 days, you must reapply.
  • If you stay long-term in a hospital or prison where the government pays for your accommodation.
  • You leave South Africa for over 90 days straight without notifying.
  • Reviews show your income or assets now exceed qualifying thresholds.

If you have been in a state facility for over four months, your funds lower to 25% instead of lapsing. Once discharged, the full amount restarts.

Staying compliant with reviews and communicating changes Lets you avoid surprise grant interruptions.

Responsibilities of the Beneficiaries

If the government gives you an old age grant because you are a senior, you also have duties to avoid payment problems:

  • Always give correct info. Dishonesty results in loss of benefits.
  • Quickly update SASSA anytime you move houses or get new phone/mailbox details.
  • Tell SASSA if your financial situation or living details change so they know you qualify.

SASSA contacts you using your registered details about reviews and payments. You may miss key notices if your address and phone number are wrong because you did not report moving. Missed government requests can mean suspension of your needed monthly stipend.

Staying truthful and communicating changes prevents hiccups, so seniors who rely on assistance continue receiving it without interruptions.

Final Verdict

The South African old age grant provides crucial financial assistance to eligible citizens aged 60 and over. This monthly income supplement supports vulnerable seniors, helping cover basic living costs to maintain health and well-being.

Through thorough application vetting, periodic reviews, and assigned beneficiary duties, SASSA ensures funds get to those requiring extra income in their later years. Staying informed equips seniors to pass means tests, avoid surprise grant suspensions, and access reviews to keep payments flowing.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can send a trusted friend or relative to help submit your application if you cannot apply in person due to health issues. They will need your proof documents and a doctor’s note explaining why you couldn’t come.

SASSA announces the payment dates for old age, disability, and children’s grants each month. Generally, the pension money for seniors arrives around the 3rd of every month.

No, you do not need to reapply annually once you are approved. You will just complete reviews periodically as SASSA requests to confirm your situation has not changed.

You must inform SASSA immediately whenever you change your home address or phone number so they can reach you about payment schedules and reviews.

You can call the SASSA national toll-free number at 0800 60 10 11 to speak with call center employees who can answer any additional questions.

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