SASSA Reapplication for R350 – Process And Status

I have seen that most beneficiaries deprive themselves of the SRD grant because they don’t know the process of SASSA reapplication for R350. The COVID-19 Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant per month is a crucial lifeline for qualifying South Africans facing financial hardship. However, this emergency aid is only approved in short intervals, requiring beneficiaries to reapply and requalify periodically.

Navigating the reapplication process can seem daunting, but it is vital to maintaining support. This article will clarify everything you need to know – from eligibility criteria, documentation needed, using online versus in-person channels, tips to avoid rejections, and tracking your status. 

Based on my over a decade of experience, I aim to empower SRD recipients with a complete guide to smoothly reactivating and extending this vital grant for those most desperately relying on it during difficult times.

Reapplication of SRD grant Eligibility Requirement 2024-2025

The Special COVID-19 Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant by the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) provides R350 monthly to unemployed persons facing financial distress. If you currently receive this grant, you must reapply to continue getting payments in the 2024-2025 cycle.

SRD grant Eligibility Requirement

Citizenship and Age Requirements

To qualify for reapplying, you must be a South African citizen, permanent resident or refugee between 18-60 years old. Relevant documentation must be reflected in Home Affairs databases.

Income Threshold

Your household income must pass a means test, falling at or below R624 monthly. This threshold helps ensure only unemployed persons facing real financial distress can access the grant.

Prior Recipient

You need to have received the SRD grant in previous application cycles. New applicants do not qualify for the simplified reapplication process.

Accurate Information

Reconfirm your ID number, contact details, and bank account information are up-to-date and accurate. Errors can cause reapplication delays and payment issues.

Alive and Verified

Home Affairs records must show you as alive. Provide accurate ID details so SASSA can verify your eligibility.

Meeting these eligibility criteria allows you to reapply for the SRD grant via the SASSA online portal. Ensure you fully understand the requirements before starting your application to avoid rejections. Reach out to SASSA for assistance if needed.

Necessary Documentation And Updates For Reapplication

Preparing all your documents and information in advance will speed up your SRD grant reapplication process for the new cycle. The following are the necessary documents for reapplication.

  • Green bar-coded ID book or smart card
  • Proof of residence documents
  • Bank statements showing monthly income
  • Updated phone number
  • Updated bank account details

SASSA may require extra forms this year, so check their website for any new reapplication requirements before applying for 2024-2025. Use the checklist to ensure you have everything you need. Update any details that may have changed since your last application.

Reasons for SASSA Reapplication

Reasons for SASSA Reapplication

There are various reasons why someone receiving the SRD grant would need to reapply during the multi-year period this emergency relief fund is available. This section outlines the most common situations where submitting a new application is necessary, even for current beneficiaries. 

Understanding what triggers the need to reapply helps manage the continuity of your approved support. If your SASSA grant stops coming in, reapplying opens it up again. Here are common reasons to submit again:

Your Grant Expires

Money is only approved for set periods. When your end date hits, payments cease unless you reapply to extend.

Changes Happen

If something shifts like income, dependents, health or living situation, eligibility might too. Reapply to show your updated status.

Fix Rejected Applications

Errors mean rejected first tries. With better or complete info, reapplying may work.

Incomplete or Inaccurate Details

If the first rejection was because of missing or incorrect items, supply improved info by reapplying.

After Suspension or Cancellation

Once issues leading to your grant being put on hold or stopped are resolved, submit a new application.

Questions About Eligibility

SASSA double-checks those needing more assessment around grant criteria. You have to ask to reapply so they can review.

Age Requirements Change

If you become 18 or 60, eligibility now differs. Reapply specifically under new age rules.

Keeping your application current through renewed submissions keeps valuable grant money coming when circumstances alter.

SASSA SRD R350 Grant Reapplication Process

To continue receiving uninterrupted SRD grant disbursements, current beneficiaries must reapply when their approval term expires. This section details the step-by-step process of submitting your renewal application via the SASSA online portal. Knowing what to expect can ease extending this essential financial relief.

SASSA SRD R350 Grant Reapplication Process

Sassa application for r350 apply online via SASSA Website

The special R350 grant helps unemployed South Africans by providing some money every month. If you currently get this grant, you need to reapply to carry on receiving payments. Follow the step-by-step guide below to submit your application.

1. Go to the SASSA Website

Use your phone, computer or internet cafe to access the SASSA website at Look for the “Update Your Existing Application” tab and click the button to reload your details. It will take you to the reapplication page.

2. Add in Your ID and Phone Numbers

South Africans must put in their ID number. Other nationalities should use their passport or asylum document number. Then, add your active cell phone number to receive a registration PIN.

3. Enter the PIN Sent to Your Phone

SASSA will send a one-time PIN to your phone after you submit your number. View the PIN and enter it on the Website to validate your account.

4. Check and Update Your Information

You can now access your application dashboard. Carefully review all details and update anything that has changed. This includes your address, income sources, bank details, etc.

5. Accept and Submit

Once all information is filled out and correct, finish by accepting the terms and conditions. Then, submit your completed reapplication.

6. Note Your Reference Number

After successful submission, SASSA sends a reference number. You should save this number or take a screenshot to track the status of your reapplication.

7. Check Back Regularly on Progress

It can take up to 90 days to approve reapplications. But stay patient and keep checking online regularly for updates. Call SASAS for help if it has been very long.

Following this process properly will help ensure you accept your special grant reapplication without issues.

SASSA R350 Application via WhatsApp

WhatsApp now offers SRD grant recipients a streamlined way to reapply without visiting SASSA offices. I will outline simple steps to renew your grant approval in this section using the popular chat app’s interface. Using WhatsApp to reactivate your aid can save time and transport costs while keeping your distance.

Send Message to SASSA WhatsApp Line

First, message the SASSA WhatsApp support line at 082 046 8553. In the message, include your ID number, name, surname, and contact information as requested.

Get Reference Number and Verification PIN

SASSA will respond to your message with a reference number that you can use to track the status of your application. You will receive a one-time PIN code and link to verify your account.

Click the Link and Input the PIN Code

Click on the link sent by SASSA and input the PIN code when prompted to confirm your identity.

Check and Submit application

Finally, carefully check that all personal details in the reapplication form are correct before submitting your application through WhatsApp.

The WhatsApp reapplication process can save multiple trips to the SASSA office. It lets you quickly and conveniently reapply for ongoing R350 grant support directly through your phone.

SRD R350 Reapplication Through In-person Visit to SASSA Office

Some applicants still prefer face-to-face engagement when reapplying for income grants. If you would like to submit your SRD renewal documentation in person, I have guided that process from printing the forms through securing that precious submission receipt. Follow this guide when visiting your nearest SASSA office.

1. Fill Out the Form

Find and download the reapplication form online or get a copy at the SASSA office. Complete the form with your latest personal, financial and contact details. This is mandatory for reapplying.

2. Prepare Your Documents

Gather your green ID book, proof of residence, bank statements of income, and other documents that SASSA requires. Bring originals or certified copies to submit.

3. Locate and Visit the SASSA Office

Search online to find your closest SASSA office location and opening times. Go there during working hours from Monday to Friday. You may need to take a number and wait.

4. Submit the Form and Paperwork

Hand your finished reapplication form and copies of documents to the SASSA agent. Be cooperative if they ask any questions to confirm your eligibility.

5. Get Your Receipt

Once the agent captures your reapplication, they will give you a receipt with an application number. You should save this to check progress.

6. Monitor Application Status

It can take up to 90 days for SASSA to approve reapplications. Keep monitoring online for updates. In case of application delay, call the SASSA hotline.

Following this application prapplicationrly will help ensure your R350 grant payments continue without disruption.

Using the SASSA Chatbot

SASSA offers a virtual assistant chatbot on their Website to simplify help with grant applications and reapplications. Interacting with the automated chat agent allows you to swiftly get access to the SRD renewal application portal.

Visit SASSA Website

Go to the SASSA website and locate the orange chatbot box in the corner. This is the virtual assistant.

Open Chat and Enter Details

When prompted, click the chat icon and type in your ID number and mobile phone number.

Choose R350 Reapplication

Select the option to reapply for your existing R350 grant through the chatbot.

Get the Link to the Reapplication Page

The chatbot will provide a direct link to start your online reapplication process.

Follow the Process on the Website

Click the link to be directed to the grant website. Then, follow all steps to submit your application for the new cycle.

The chatbot makes getting to the application quick and easy.

SRD R350 Appeals Deadline

You can submit an appeal if your SRD grant application or reapplication gets rejected. This asks SASSA to reassess your eligibility.

The appeal deadline is 90 days from the date of your rejection letter. To start the appeals process, complete an official appeal form with the reasons you qualify and any supporting documents.

Submit this in person at a SASSA office or online. A SASSA appeals committee reviews all cases and makes a final decision within 90 days after receiving your appeal. Adhering to the 90-day deadline gives your appeal the best chance of being approved.

SASSA Status Check for R350 Reapplication

If you are wondering about the outcome of your SRD grant renewal, do not worry; there are many sources to check the status. Here, I will explain the three most used methods to check where your reapplication stands. Your current status is displayed by securely entering your extension request’s ID and mobile number. This real-time feedback lets you know if more information is needed or if payments are approved.

Check SASSA Reapplication Status using (the online SASSA Status Check) Website

You can use our secure online status checker for a reliable, authentic, instant reapplication status. With millions relying on these systems, we aim to provide accountable, accessible infrastructure for applicant visibility. How it works, let’s see;

  • Access the online status-checking site at
  • Input both your South African ID number and the mobile phone used on your SRD reapplication
  • Select the “Check Status” option
  • The Website will instantly display the current status of your relief grant reapplication
  • This allows you to see online if your extension request has been received and approved

Check the Reapplication Status From the SASSA official website

  • Go to the SASSA website at
  • Enter your ID number and mobile phone used on your reapplication
  • Select the “Send PIN” option
  • An access code is texted to your cellphone
  • Input the one-time PIN received
  • After entering this code, the Website displays the outcome of your relief grant extension

Go In-Person or Call SASSA

  • As an alternative, you can physically go to the closest SASSA office
  • Ask an agent at the office to check the status of your grant extension
  • Or call the national SASSA hotline at 0800 60 10 11
  • Speak to a helpline representative about the latest outcome of your reapplication
  • Calling or visiting allows you to directly engage for results

Have A look At SASSA Reconfirm

Understanding the Reason Behind SRD Grant Rejection

Getting denied for an essential grant reapplication can be confusing and concerning. SASSA provides codes explaining the rationale behind ineligibility decisions. By referencing the helpful table below outlining common rejection reasons and potential next steps, you can better understand your status and options to potentially appeal.

StatusReasonHow to Address
Identity Verification FailedThe applicant’s personal details do not match the records of the Department of Home AffairsConfirm ID details at DHA office and correct errors
Existing SASSA GrantThe applicant already receives other SASSA grants, making them ineligibleInform SASSA if status changes or other grants stop
NAFAS RegisteredThe applicant gets educational support from NSFAS during reconsiderationNotify if you stop receiving NSFAS funding
Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) RegisteredThe applicant received UIF payments in reconsideration periodNotify if UIF payments have ended
Government Payroll RegisteredThe applicant had a government job with income during reconsiderationInform SASSA if you lost your government job
Age Outside Range(>60)The applicant exceeded age limit of 60 years during reconsideration periodUnfortunately you now fall outside the eligible age bracket
Age Outside Range(<18)The applicant was below minimum age limit of 18 yearsReapply once you turn 18 years old
Deceased Record on DHAThe DHA database shows the applicant as deceasedVisit DHA office and prove you are alive to correct records
Alternative Income Source IdentifiedThe applicant had over R595 monthly deposits, exceeding grant thresholdIf deposits stopped, show bank statements to prove drop in income

Steps to Follow When Your SASSA SRD Reapplication is Rejected

Dealing with a rejected SRD grant renewal can be stressful, leaving you thinking about what happens next. This section offers clear guidance on actions you can take if your reapplication gets denied by SASSA. Understanding the available appeals process, requirements, and potential outcomes empowers you to actively respond to this challenging situation.

See Rejection Reason

If SASSA rejects your reapplication, they will send you the reason. You need to make sure you understand why they denied you.

Submit an Appeal

You can appeal to the ITSAA within 90 days of your rejection date. Provide your appeal form plus any proof that can help your case.

Wait for Review

The ITSAA carefully re-examines eligibility for all appeals. They then make a new decision within 90 days.

Check Appeal Outcome

If approved on appeal, you will start receiving the R350 grant payments. If unfortunately rejected again, ITSAA will notify you of the outcome.

Knowing the appeal process means you still have a chance if your reapplication gets denied initially. Follow the provided steps to give your case further consideration.

Tips for a Smooth SASSA Grant Reapplication

Preparing a complete and accurate SRD grant reapplication avoids frustrating rejections and delays. Here are actionable best practices for navigating the renewal process smoothly. Following these expert tips around eligibility, documents, submissions, and tracking makes your extension more manageable.

Tips for a Smooth SASSA Grant Reapplication

Confirm You Still Qualify

Before applying, check the rules to confirm you still meet all eligibility criteria. This avoids disappointment later.

Get Your Documents Ready

Make sure you have the correct, up-to-date papers. This includes bank statements, proof of residence, ID documents and more. Accurate paperwork speeds up approval.

Don’t Miss the Deadline

Applications close at a certain date each cycle. Submit yours early to prevent missing out or having payments interrupted.

Seek Help if Unsure

If you need assistance with reapplying, contact SASSA call centres or visit offices. Speaking to someone avoids errors.

Track Application Progress

Keep checking online regularly to monitor your status. Follow up promptly if more info is needed to finish approval.

Stay Updated on Changes

New application rules can happen. Regularly browse the SASSA site and social media to know the latest criteria.

Apply Online if Possible

The online reapplication form is the fastest and most convenient. But if you need help, you can still go to your nearest SASSA office.

Double Check All Details

Carefully review everything you submit to catch mistakes. Incorrect information delays your application.Staying organized and planning makes getting your grant money smooth every few months.

2024 Updates on Reapplying for SASSA SRD

Good news if you depend on South Africa’s special R350 relief grant. Improvements this year make reapplying easier. What new is added in that process includes the following.

Grant Extended

SASSA has now extended the grant to March 2025. This gives more long-term support if you qualify.

Simpler Process

Once your application is approved, the money will come monthly until 2025. No need to reapply each period.

No Income Proof Required

SASSA has cancelled past rules that required you to bring pay slips or employer letters. You should self-declare your status instead.

Apply Online

A new addition is applying for your extension on the SASSA website. No travelling to reapply in person.

SASSA focuses on enhancements that open access for all needing financial help through this difficult time. Check their site for the latest 2024 changes to keep your grant active.

Final Words

Thus, reapplying for ongoing SARS R350 financial relief grant payments is crucial for those in need to extend and maintain this essential support. This article outlined the best practices for reapplying – including confirming you still meet the eligibility criteria, gathering accurate documentation, not missing submission deadlines, double-checking all details, and monitoring the status.

There are also multiple convenient ways to check your reapplication status online, by phone, or in person. Carefully following all guidance around the reapplication process provides the best chance of seamless approval to keep grant disbursements active. Utilizing available resources and asking for assistance ensures optimal outcomes in securing this vital aid through successful reapplications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on the grant approval period, you must reapply every 1-3 months. Check the SASSA website for details on the reapplication frequency.

Reapplications can be submitted online via the SASSA website, via WhatsApp, or in person at SASSA offices.

Updated ID documents, proof of residence, and bank statements showing income (or lack thereof) are generally required.

You can submit an appeal within 90 days to have your eligibility reviewed along with any new supporting documents.

Yes, if you now meet the eligibility criteria, you can reapply, reflecting your employment status and income change.

You can call the SASSA helpline, visit your nearest SASSA office, or speak to a social worker if needing application help.

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