How to Fix SASSA Status Check Failed – UIF Registered

I have heard many people complain that even though they meet the eligibility criteria for SASSA grants, their status shows ‘uif registered.’

Remember, according to South African government rules, a person cannot receive assistance from two places at once. When you apply for any aid program, your record is stored in the government’s database.

Therefore, if you have previously received UIF and now check the status of SASSA grant, it will definitely show as ‘UIF registered’.

However, if you haven’t applied for any grant yet but still see the sassa grant failed: UIF registered’ status on checking, it’s concerning.

But don’t worry, let’s discuss the potential reasons and the necessary steps to qualify for the SRD R350 grant in detail.

What is UIF?

The UIF, or Unemployment Insurance Fund, is a South African government program that helps people out of work. It gives money for a short time to those who have lost their jobs, are on leave to have or adopt a baby, are ill, or have lost a family member who used to give money to the fund. The Department of Labour runs the program, and SARS, the South African Tax Office, oversees the day-to-day work.

A video Guide About UIF

What is the Meaning of “UIF Registered” Status?

When applying for SASSA (South African Social Security Agency) grants, individuals may encounter the “UIF Registered” status. This status indicates that the applicant is currently registered with the Unemployment Insurance Fund and potentially receiving or receiving UIF benefits.

The “UIF Registered” status can affect an individual’s eligibility for certain SASSA grants, as the agency may consider the UIF benefits as an alternative source of income. This status is often a factor in determining whether an applicant qualifies for specific SASSA grants.

The Reasons Your Status is Showing “UIF Registered”

There are several reasons why an individual’s status might show as “UIF Registered” when applying for SASSA grants:

  1. Previous Employment: If an applicant has previously been employed and contributed to the UIF, their status may still reflect as “UIF Registered” even if they are currently unemployed and not receiving UIF benefits.
  2. Ongoing UIF Claim: Individuals currently receiving UIF benefits due to recent job loss will have their status listed as “UIF Registered.”
  3. Administrative Errors: In some cases, an applicant’s status may incorrectly show as “UIF Registered” due to administrative errors or outdated information in the system.

Step-By-Step Process to Solve the “UIF Registered” Status Problem

If you encounter the “UIF Registered” status and believe it is preventing you from receiving SASSA grants that you are eligible for, follow these steps:

  1. Check Your UIF Claim Status: Visit the UIF website or contact their helpline to verify if you have an active UIF claim or incorrect status.
  2. Gather Supporting Documents: Collect relevant documents supporting your case. This includes stuff like your bank records from the past half year, a note from UIF stating you aren’t receiving their payments and any other papers that prove you aren’t getting UIF cash. More evidence like this will strengthen your case when you ask them to reconsider their choice to reject your grant request.
  3. Submit an Appeal: You can submit an appeal if your application is denied due to the “UIF Registered” status. 

Here’s how to appeal for your SASSA SRD grant in simple steps:

  • Go to the SASSA SRD website:
  • Type in your South African ID number and phone number.
  • Click “send pin” and wait for a one-time pin on your phone.
  • Type the pin on the website.
  • Pick the month your grant was rejected.
  • Upload your bank statement, a letter from UIF, and other papers that show you don’t get UIF money.
  • Click “submit” to send your appeal. See In details how to appeal sassa srd grant
  1. Follow Up and Be Patient: After you send in your appeal, you must be patient and wait for the outcome. This usually takes around 2 to 3 months. A separate group called a tribunal, will look at all the appeals. They’ll let you know if your grant is approved or denied once they’ve decided.

What to do After Submitting An Appeal For “UIF Registered” Status

After submitting an appeal regarding your “UIF Registered” status, take the following steps:

  1. Request a Tracking Number: Obtain a tracking number or reference number for your appeal to monitor its progress.
  2. Follow Up Regularly:Keep checking with SASSA to see how your appeal is going. You can send them a text or an email to ask about it. If they need any more information from you, make sure to give it to them quickly.
  3. Prepare for a Possible Hearing: In some cases, SASSA may schedule a hearing to review your appeal. Bring any papers or proof that help explain your situation.
  4. Be Patient: The appeals process can take almost 90 days, so it’s essential to remain patient and follow up with SASSA until a final decision is made.

If 3 months have passed and you still haven’t heard anything, call SASSA at 0800 601 011. They’ll be able to tell you what’s going on with your appeal.

What Happens After My Appeal is Approved?

If your appeal regarding the “UIF Registered” status is approved, SASSA will reassess your application for grants based on the updated information. Here’s what you can expect:

  1. Eligibility Reassessment: SASSA will reevaluate your eligibility for the specific grants you applied for, considering the resolution of the “UIF Registered” issue.
  2. Grant Approval: If you meet all the eligibility criteria, SASSA will approve your grant, and you’ll get your grant money starting from when you first applied
  3. Backdated Benefits: In some cases, SASSA may provide backdated benefits if your grant application was initially denied due to the “UIF Registered” status.
  4. Ongoing Monitoring: SASSA will continue to monitor your situation to ensure you remain eligible for the granted benefits. If you forgot to give your bank account info when you applied the first time, let SASSA know so they can send your money to the right place.

Last Words

Encountering the “UIF Registered” status when applying for SASSA grants can be frustrating. Still, it is essential to understand the reasons behind it and take the necessary steps to resolve it. By following the outlined process, gathering supporting documentation, and submitting an appeal if necessary, you can increase your chances of having your grant application reconsidered and approved.

Frequently Asked Questions

The duration of the appeals process can vary, but it generally takes 2 to 3 months to review and process your appeal.

You can reapply for SASSA grants once your UIF benefits have ended. Be sure to update SASSA with your current employment status and financial situation.

If you disagree with the outcome of your appeal, you may have the option to pursue further legal action or seek assistance from organizations that support social grant applicants.

it is impossible to receive both UIF benefits and SASSA grants concurrently, but in certain situations, SASSA will assess your eligibility based on your overall financial circumstances.

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