SASSA Status Check Failed – Step-By-Step Guide to Solve

As a beneficiary of the R350 grant, the status of “failed” can cause distress to people in difficult circumstances. A desperate person is forced to think only about what will happen if they don’t receive the money, and the worries continue.

But you don’t need to be distressed anymore. A SASSA status check failure is not as big an issue as it is made out to be. By completing a few formalities, this problem can be resolved better and easier. But before that, it’s better to address the reasons for it from the beginning.

If you have ever faced such a “failed” status and have come here to seek help, read the article until the end. You will find answers to all your queries.

What does it mean by Sassa status check failed or identity verification failed?

When you apply for social grants from SASSA, they check your identity. This is to prevent fraud. If your application fails this check, you will see “identity verification failed.”

This means SASSA could not confirm your identity. Some reasons for this:

  • You entered incorrect ID numbers or names
  • Their records and databases are outdated

You may also see “status check failed.”” This is the same error. It means SASSA could not verify your ID and information.

Both errors mean you should contact SASSA to update your details. Or visit a SASSA office with the correct documents. They will assist in fixing any issues so you can get the grant. Provide them your ID book, birth certificate, marriage certificate if you changed your surname and proof of income. Then, you can reapply.

Reasons behind the Sassa status check failed

When you apply for a SASSA grant, they run checks to confirm your identity and eligibility. Sometimes, these status checks fail, stopping your application.
Let’s look at the reasons your SASSA status check may fail.

Reasons behind the Sassa status check failed

Wrong Personal Details

SASSA cross-checks the details you give against their records and databases. If any information does not match, the check fails.

  • Incorrect ID numbers – Even one wrong digit in your ID will cause a failure.
  • Name mismatches – Your names must match your ID book exactly.
  • Unknown phone numbers – The cell number you give must be registered under your ID.

Always provide your 100% correct personal details. Update any changes, like marriage name changes, with Home Affairs first.

How to resolve it?

Visit your nearest SASSA office with your ID book and other documents. Have them update your details, like names, ID numbers, and contact details, to match your verified IDs.

Changed Addresses

SASSA needs your right address to pay grants and communicate with you.

If you moved and did not inform them, checks on your address will fail. Visit an office and give proof of your new address.

How to manage?

Provide proof of your new residential address so they can update where they pay grants. Utility bills, residence certificates, and rental agreements can confirm address changes.

Unverified Income

For some grants, SASSA checks if you meet income requirements.

The means test fails if your salaries and assets show you exceed limits. Provide all needed proofs of income timeously when asked.

What is the Solution

If your grant application fails due to exceeding income thresholds, promptly provide the requested proofs to SASSA. Submit your latest payslips, bank statements, tax returns, or affidavit declaring your total salary, investments, and assets. This will allow verification of qualifying income levels for approval.

Errors in the SASSA System

Sometimes, checks fail due to problems in SASSA systems, not your application.

Their records and databases lag behind changes. Or glitches stop verifications.

Visit an office so they can manually check details and hopefully sort failures caused by system errors.

By giving complete and accurate information, you minimize failed status checks. Contact SASSA when errors occur so they can assist.

How to cope with it?

Keep trying to submit documents and proofs at SASSA offices. Technicians can try to fix errors like outdated databases to align with your verified IDs. With patience, the right information can overturn incorrect status check failures.

Application Not Yet Processed

Another common status check failure occurs when SASSA has simply not yet processed or finalized your application. It takes time to run all the back-end checks and verifications. If you applied recently, your grant may still be pending processing internally. Be patient for some weeks before your status updates. Check again later before assuming your application failed.

How to tackle it?

Simply wait patiently as they finish processing. Then, check back weekly through SMS, the SASSA SRD Grant tool, or USSD status checks until completed.

What if My Application Details are Correct, But SASSA Status Failed?

When applying for a SASSA grant, make sure all your details entered are 100% accurate and match your ID document. But sometimes, even correct applications get status check failed errors.

Follow this guide if you submitted accurate details, but the SASSA status says failed.

Double Check Your Information

Carefully review your submitted details – your ID or asylum number, names, date of birth, and contact details. Cross-check everything matches your green barcoded ID book or asylum paperwork.

Also, check that copies of documents you submitted as proofs are clear and legitimate.

Visit or Contact SASSA

If all details entered are correct, SASSA’s internal systems must have a verification error.

Physically visit your nearest SASSA office so you can explain to an agent face-to-face. Bring your ID and application reference number. Or call the SASSA call center. Explain that your application is accurate, but the status check failed.

Request a Manual Review

Finally, ask to lodge an SASSA dispute form or complaints process. This manually triggers staff to thoroughly review your grant application again. With correct details, manual reviews can override incorrect automated failures. Keep engaging SASSA until your rightful grant clears!

How to Appeal if your identity verification has failed

If your SRD Covid grant application fails even though your details are right, you can request an appeal review.

Follow this appeal process within 30 days of the failed outcome. After that, they won’t reconsider applications.

Submit an Online Appeal

Go to the SASSA online appeals website at This is to challenge grant application refusals.

Enter your 13-number green, barcoded South African ID card number. Also, add the cell phone number you used on your original application.

Click the “Send PIN” button. Check the SMS you then get, which has an OTP PIN. Enter this PIN to verify.

Supply Correct Details

Give your accurate personal details on the appeals form – full name, ID number, birth date, and contact info. These MUST match your official identification.

Also, upload or attach a clear copy of your green ID book. This helps SASSA confirm legitimate details.

Finally, read and accept the declaration. Click Submit Appeal. Now wait as they manually recheck your eligibility for the SRD grant.

What to do After Submitting the Reconsideration Appeal?

Be patient once you submit your appeal form to request SASSA recheck your rejected grant.

  • It takes 2 to 3 months before you get an outcome. The timing depends on their workload and your case complexity.
  • While waiting, check your appeal status every 14 days by SMS, on the SASSA SRD site, or by visiting an office.
  • SASSA will SMS you their appeal decision when made.
  • If approved on reconsideration, payment to your bank account starts that month.
  • If unfortunately still rejected, visit an office to get SASSA’s full reasons in writing.
  • Also check messages in junk/spam folders to avoid missing any important updates. Keep following up until your rightful grant is paid!

Have A look At Sassa Grant Reconsideration Process

What if I Don’t Receive Any Update from SASSA After 90 Days?

If 3 months pass without any feedback on your SASSA appeal, act promptly. Silence could mean an administrative error or missed notification.

The first step is to Phone the SASSA call center at 0800 60 10 11. Select the grants appeals option and quote your ID number. Inquire if they can check the status of their system.

Next, physically visit your nearest local SASSA office. Bring your green barcoded ID and any application reference numbers. Ask an agent to track your reconsideration progress. Understand Your Rights

By law, SASSA must finalize appeal decisions within 90 days. If they exceed this, you can demand written reasons for the delays. Report slow service delivery to the public protector or provincial complaints centers.

Keep engaging SASSA through calls, visits, and complaint platforms until you get back payment for the months of waiting!

Contact SASSA

If you face issues with failed status checks, incorrect rejections, or no feedback, contact SASSA promptly.

First phone the SASSA call center at 0800 60 10 11. Select the grants appeals option and have your ID number ready. Explain your particular problem to the agent for assistance.

If challenges persist after calling, physically visit your nearest SASSA office. Bring your green barcoded ID book and any application reference numbers. Speak to an agent face-to-face so they can investigate and resolve your grant difficulties.

Lodge appeals within 30 days of any application rejection. Quote the ID number and phone number used on all forms. Continually engage SASSA via calls, visits, and complaints to get your rightful benefits.

Final Verdict

When your SASSA grant application gets rejected or encounters errors like “status check failed,” follow the proper appeal and resolution processes. Carefully submit an online appeal form within 30 days to request your rightful benefits.

Provide completely accurate ID and personal details to facilitate approvals. Then, patiently wait 60-90 days for SASSA to reassess your appeal and reconsideration. Persistently engage SASSA through calls, office visits, and complaint procedures to demand feedback.

If delays exceed 3 months, exercise your consumer rights to explanations and service delivery timeframes. Continue engaging SASSA through all channels until your grant case attains successful resolution.

Frequently Asked Questions

You need a clear copy of your green, barcoded South African ID book. This confirms your official verified details when SASSA rechecks your eligibility.

What documents do I need to submit an appeal?

You can visit your nearest SASSA office and speak to an agent to submit your appeal. However, the online process is usually faster.

If approved for reconsideration, your grant will restart from the upcoming payment cycle. Visit an office to inquire about procedures to claim retroactive pay for the months your valid grant was erroneously stopped.

Call 0800 60 10 11. Select the SASSA appeals option and provide your ID number for status checks. You can also email [email protected] to reference your application details.

Report appeal delays exceeding 90 days to your province’s Public Protector’s office. You can also contact the provincial Department of Social Development complaints call center.

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