SRD cancel Application – How to Cancel SASSA Grant Online

As we know, human conditions do not always remain the same. Every hardship is followed by ease. Therefore, if your conditions ever improve, SASSA allows you to cancel your SASSA grant. Ethically, it also becomes your responsibility that as soon as you become financially stable, you withdraw from the SRD grant. This will have two benefits – first, someone else deserving will get the aid, and second, seeing you do this, others will follow suit.

And remember one thing – if your true financial situation comes to light and you are still taking SASSA aid money, be prepared for the penalties set by the government. Therefore, if you are among the fortunate whose lives have improved, it is incumbent upon you to cancel your grant immediately.

If you are wondering here how to stop the monthly payments, what methods can be used to cancel the grant, and if God forbid your situation reverts to what it was, whether you can get the SASSA grant again – to find the answers to all these and other queries related srd cancel application, read the article till the end.

Reasons for Cancelling SRD Application

Someone may need to cancel their SRD grant application with SASSA for a few valid reasons. Getting a new job and earning an income could disqualify you from receiving further assistance. Alternatively, mistakes discovered on your original application forms require cancellation and resubmission to correct the errors. Let’s learn them in detail.

Reasons for Cancelling SRD Application

Finding a Job

You should cancel your application if you get a job after applying for SRD money. This is important so the money can help people who still need financial help. When you start earning an income, you may not qualify for SRD anymore. Letting SASSA know is the right thing to do. The money should go to people with the greatest need.

Mistakes on the Form

Sometimes, there may be mistakes on an SRD application form. You might make a small error without realizing it. Or some of your details could change after applying. Maybe you gave the wrong ID number or moved to a new address. Don’t worry about small mistakes! Just cancel the old form and fill out a new, correct one. This will prevent big delays or complications in getting your grant approved. Be sure to double-check that all information is right.

Getting Other Money Help

If you start getting money from somewhere else, cancel the SRD application. Let SASSA know whether it’s help from family or some other aid program. The government budget has limits, so SRD grants should only go to people without support. By canceling, you help free up money for people who desperately need it. Be a good citizen, and don’t take resources you don’t require.

SASSA will check eligibility and may stop payments if you no longer qualify. So, canceling an unneeded application is always best!

How To Cancel Sassa Grant Application

Cancelling your SASSA grant can be done through a few simple methods. The quickest and easiest way is typically to cancel online via the SASSA website. However, if preferred, you can cancel by email, WhatsApp, or calling the SASSA helpline. Let’s discuss some prominent methods below.

How To Cancel Your SASSA R350 Grant Application

Method # 1 – Grant Cancellation through the SASSA Website

Applying for and managing SASSA grants is now conveniently handled online. If circumstances change and you must cancel your existing SRD grant, the SASSA website offers the most straightforward method. Just follow these steps.

Visit the SASSA Website

The first step is to go to the official SASSA website at This is where you can start the cancellation process.

Locate the Cancellation Button

Once on the SASSA page, scroll down until you see the “Cancel My Application” button. Click this big yellow button to begin canceling your grant application.

Confirm Your Identity

After clicking, a new page will open, asking for your ID number and phone number from your original application. Double-check that you enter this information correctly. This verifies that SASSA knows exactly which application to cancel.

Get a One-Time PIN

When enter your ID and phone number, click the “Send PIN” button. SASSA will instantly text a 6-digit PIN code to your phone. This is a special one-time password they send to make sure it’s you requesting the cancellation.

Enter the PIN Code

Return to the SASSA page and enter the 6-digit PIN code you received via SMS. This unlocks the next step, allowing you to officially confirm cancellation.

Finalize the Cancellation

Once your PIN is verified, a message will ask you to confirm that you want to cancel your grant application. Click the “Cancel My Grant” button to finalize and submit your cancellation request.

Receive a Confirmation

Finally, you will get an SMS notification confirming that SASSA has received your instruction to cancel the application. This means the cancellation is now being processed and approved.

Wait 7 Days

After submitting all steps, it takes about 7 days for the cancellation to be fully implemented in the SASSA system. Your grant payments will stop, and you’ll receive notice that your application has been terminated.

This simple online process allows you to cancel your SASSA grant application successfully. Just be sure to keep your confirmation SMS as proof of cancellation.

Method #2 – Grant Cancellation through WhatsApp

WhatsApp lets you cancel your grant easily without a computer. Just follow these steps:

First, add the phone number 082 046 8553 to your WhatsApp contacts. This is SASSA’s account.

Then open a chat and type “Cancel SASSA R350 Grant” to this new SASSA contact. Send the message.

SASSA will text back options to pick from. Click “Cancel my application” to select it.

Next, SASSA will ask for your ID number and phone to check if it’s the right grant to cancel.

Send them back your exact ID and phone in a reply. The same info you first signed up with.

That’s all it takes on WhatsApp! SASSA now has your cancellation request submitted.

You’ll get a text saying they received your request to cancel. Then, in 7 days, your grant will be fully canceled and stopped.

Easy as that via WhatsApp chat! No computer or website is needed to cancel through this method.

Method #3 – Grant Cancellation through Email

Email gives another route to submit your cancellation request. I think the online method is best, but email works, too. Follow these steps if you want to cancel through your inbox:

First, open up your favorite mail app on your phone, tablet, or computer. Click to compose a new blank email.

Write “Cancelling My SASSA Grant” in the subject line so they know why you’re emailing.

Then, in the main part of the email, ask to cancel your SRD grant. You can briefly explain why if you want.

Include your full reference number, ID number, and registered phone number from your grant application. This is so SASSA can identify the correct case.

If you have any questions about what happens after canceling, add those questions as well.

Double-check that you entered the ID and reference numbers right before sending it off.

Finally, send your complete cancellation email to [email protected] – the SASSA email address.

This submits your grant cancellation request directly through email rather than the website.

Method # 4 – Grant Cancellation Through Toll-Free-Number

If you don’t like the online, WhatsApp, or email methods, you can cancel by phoning SASSA directly. Follow these steps:

The first step is to call SASSA at 0800 60 10 11. It’s a free call from your cell or landline.

When it picks up, a recording comes on. Listen close. Press 1 if you want to chat with an agent.

When an agent answers, say, “Hello, please cancel my SASSA application.” Tell them you need to withdraw.

The person will then ask for your ID, phone, or other details to check if it’s the right account.

Give the agent the exact ID number, phone number, or documents they request from you. This way, SASSA confirms you have the correct grant case.

Once all your details match their system, the agent can process your cancellation application.

And that’s it via calling up! You may wait briefly since many folks phone SASSA. But the agents make canceling easy once it’s your turn.

How Much Time It Takes to Cancel SASSA Grant

After submitting a cancellation request, it takes about seven days (one week) to fully cancel your SASSA grant. In that week, SASSA reviews and approves the ending of your grant. They send a text when it’s officially canceled.

The seven days cover the time SASSA needs to verify your application and process the cancellation in their system. Sometimes, it’s faster if there are fewer requests. Other times, it takes the full week if they have many cancellations.

Either way, after seven days, you’ll get confirmation that you are no longer getting grant money. Your SASSA benefits are then fully canceled per your request. The weekly payments will be stopped.

Implications of Cancelling SRD Application

While canceling your SASSA grant application may seem easy, it can significantly affect your access to aid in the future. Be sure to carefully consider the implications around potential fraud penalties, debt recovery, and blacklisting before proceeding with cancellation. Possible implications are the following.

Will It Impact Future Help?

Canceling your SRD application could make it harder to get help again later. If you cancel too often, SASSA may think you don’t need the money. But one cancellation because your situation improved is normally fine. Just carefully consider if you might need assistance again soon before canceling.

Can You Reapply in the Future?

Importantly, canceling now does not mean you lose your chance to apply forever. Even if you cancel today, you can still reapply for the SRD grant in the future if you qualify. If things worsen again, you can reapply and provide updated details on your situation to SASSA. So, cancellation is not permanent.

Increased Job Options

An excellent benefit of canceling SRD is opening up more job options with the government. Certain positions have rules against hiring people currently getting SASSA grants. By canceling, you remove this barrier. This gives you better access to government jobs without those grant restrictions.

Helping Others in Need

When you cancel an unneeded SRD grant, the money can go to people facing urgent hardships. SASSA’s budget is limited, so freeing up funds assists families in crisis. Canceling allows SASSA to give the money fairly to applicants with the greatest difficulties.

Check Cancellation is Confirmed

After submitting your cancellation, use SASSA’s online Status Checker to verify it worked. This confirms they terminated your grant as requested. Knowing your official status as “not receiving benefits” also prevents future job or application issues.

How Can I Cancel My SASSA Relief Grant Application Without a Phone Number?

Losing access to your registered phone number shouldn’t block you from canceling a SASSA grant. Even without a working phone, you still have several options to cancel your application.

Visit The Nearest SASSA Office

If you lost the phone number on your SASSA application, you can still cancel by visiting a SASSA office. Take your ID card with you when you go. Show this to the SASSA agent to confirm your identity. Explain you need to cancel your grant but don’t have the registered phone to do it online. The agent can then process and approve your cancellation request.

Update Your Phone Number First

If health issues or disability stop you from going to an SASSA center, try updating your phone number first. You can change the registered mobile number on your grant through SASSA’s website. Put in a new working phone that you do have access to. After updating it, you’ll then be able to get the SMS code to cancel completely online.

So, with a quick office trip or phone update, you can still cancel a grant without your original application phone. Just bring your ID when visiting or enter current details when changing numbers.

How Do You Reinstate SRD Grant Applications After Cancellation?

Have you previously canceled your SASSA grant but now require assistance again? Do not worry; you can submit a request to have your grant reinstated after cancellation. Be clear on what has changed, necessitating renewed financial relief.

If your situation changes after canceling your SASSA grant, you can submit a request to have it reinstated. First, visit the SASSA website and locate the “Reinstate Cancelled Application” button. This will prompt you to confirm your identity via a PIN sent to your phone. 

Once verified, SASSA will ask you to explain what necessitates renewing your grant aid. Clearly describe how your circumstances have shifted, necessitating renewed financial relief. 

Finally, formally submit your reinstatement request which SASSA will review. They will determine if there is adequate justification to reopen your old application and reactivate approval.

Receiving SASSA Grant While Ineligible? 

Getting SASSA grant payments after you become ineligible can lead to serious problems. You may face 

  • Fraud charges
  • Repayment obligations
  • Blacklisting
  • Long-term record and credit damage

Since SASSA proactively checks eligibility, failing to self-cancel an invalid grant will get caught quickly anyway. Avoid repercussions by immediately terminating grants you no longer qualify for or require. The impacts are too great if you illegally persist with discontinued aid.

Prevention of Unnecessary Cancellations

Before canceling your SASSA grant, ensure you fully understand the eligibility criteria and have evaluated the long-term impacts. Temporary financial changes don’t always mean aid is unneeded. Some of the measures are there to follow.

Prevention of Unnecessary Cancellations

Understand the Eligibility Rules

Read up on the eligibility criteria for getting an SRD grant. Know the income limits, required documents, qualifying situations, and other rules. This helps you accurately assess whether you still qualify before canceling incorrectly.

Consider If Financial Changes Are Temporary

If you have a brief period when your money situation gets better, think carefully before canceling. Short-term gains don’t always mean long-term security. Unexpected expenses or job loss could still happen. Avoid canceling aid you might need again soon.

Get Help From SASSA Helpline

If you’re unsure whether to cancel or have questions, phone the SASSA helpline at 0800 60 10 11. Speaking to an expert consultant will guide you in making the right choice for your situation. Don’t guess – get professional advice.

Regularly Check Your Application Status

Use SASSA’s online Status Tracker tool to monitor your application progress. Updating on changes, verification requests, or eligibility factors prevents surprise or mistaken cancellations. Be informed.

See If Other Grants Suit Your Needs

If your circumstances shift, see if you qualify for a different SASSA grant instead of canceling outright. There are grants for disabled families, foster kids, seniors, and more. An alternative program may better fit your situation.

Following this guidance avoids accidentally canceling a SASSA grant you still require. Make decisions based on facts, not guesses.


Cancelling your SASSA grant application is an important process to follow carefully. Make sure you use an accepted cancellation method like the SASSA website, email, WhatsApp, or phoning the helpline. Be prepared to validate your identity. After submitting your request, it takes approximately seven days for SASSA to fully review and process terminating your grant payments. 

Confirm the cancellation is complete so you have proof and clarity on your status. While it is possible to reinstate a canceled application later on, be sure you no longer require SRD assistance before taking this step. Evaluate your situation thoughtfully in advance.

Frequently Asked Questions

It takes approximately seven working days for SASSA to process and approve canceling your grant after you have submitted the request through the accepted channels.

Yes, canceling your SASSA grant does not disqualify you from applying again in the future if your circumstances change and you require financial assistance.

SASSA may reject your cancellation request if you cannot validate your identity or if there are open investigations into suspected grant fraud related to your application.

No, canceling your SASSA grant will generally not impact access to other government services or public assistance programs.

You can confirm your grant cancellation status by checking the Status Tracker tool on the SASSA online portal or by phoning the SASSA call center for assistance.

Yes. If you continue receiving grant money when you should have canceled the aid, you could face financial penalties, blacklisting, or even potential criminal fraud charges.

Contact SASSA

If you require any further assistance regarding applying, canceling, payments, or other SASSA grant issues, you can reach out to the SASSA team directly through the following communication channels:

Helpline Toll-Free Number: 0800 60 10 11 WhatsApp Line: 082 046 8553 General Enquiries Email: [email protected]
Website Query Form:
In Person at Local SASSA Office Locations

Read In-depth about Sassa SASSA Contact Details

These SASSA contact points all offer support on handling grants. Explain your situation and query, and the SASSA representatives will gladly help resolve any outstanding questions or concerns. Reach out to them directly for personal guidance.

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