SASSA Change Banking Details – How to Change Your Banking Details for SASSA SRD?

After receiving great feedback on my previous article about the SASSA status check, many readers contacted me seeking clear guidance on updating their banking details at

Many grant beneficiaries needed clarification about the process for changing their bank account, which documents are needed, and what alternate options are available. Given this tremendous response, I decided more information was required to walk through the steps to update SASSA banking details seamlessly.

The first and foremost step is that If you are going to change bank details, you must tell Sassa. Or, visit the Sassa website and find the page to update your details. Provide your updated bank account number, name, and branch code details. This lets Sassa put your grant money in the right place. Ensure the accuracy of your information to guarantee the timely receipt of your funds. If you want further details, let’s discuss.

Why is it essential to keep your SASSA banking details updated?

SASSA provides regular payments to assist people in South Africa who need money help. This important money is put into the helped people’s own bank accounts. Recipients must always keep their banking details current and accurate with Sassa.

Reasons you may need to update your banking information include:

  • Changing to a different bank.
  • Shutting down an old account.
  • Changing your surname after marriage or divorce.
  • Moving to a new address.

Other reasons to update details could be switching from a problematic bank, improved services at a new bank, or security concerns.

If Sassa does not have your latest banking details, your monthly grant funds could be delayed, sent to the wrong account, or lost altogether. So, keeping your personal details and banking information precise and up to date with Sassa guarantees you get your social grant funds on time every month.

When should you change your banking details for Sassa?

Knowing when to update your banking details with SASSA is essential to avoid payment disruptions. Sometimes, you need to quickly update your bank details with SASSA.

  • If you open a new bank account, give Sassa your further account details.
  • If you close your old bank account, tell Sassa immediately.
  • If your bank account number changes for any reason, inform Sassa.
  • If you change banks, provide your new bank’s name, its branch code, and new account number.
  • If your residential address changes, update it so Sassa can contact you.
  • If your surname changes after marriage or divorce, give Sassa your new name.
  • If you have concerns about the security of your account, refresh your details with SASSA.
  • If you have issues with your bank, like errors or bad service, switch banks and update Sassa.

Keep your details current so you get your SRD grant on time every month. Update online or visit a Sassa office whenever your banking information changes.

Main Elements in Changing SRD Bank Details

Sassa gives social grants every month to people who need financial help. Sometimes, you may need to change the bank account where Sassa funds your grant.

To modify your bank account, you need to provide Sassa with these documents:

  • A letter from your new bank showing your account details. This must have your name, account number, bank name and branch.
  • Or a 3-month bank statement for your new account. This must show transfers in and out of the account for 3 months.
  • Give a copy of your ID document to ensure it’s you.

This is necessary for all grants except the SRD COVID-19 grant. Changing your bank details allows you to get money without visiting a payment office. The money goes straight to your account.

When changing accounts, make sure to give Sassa correct and up-to-date information. Delaying application submission will delay your payments.

How do I change my payment method on sassa?

Sassa extends monthly financial assistance to individuals facing economic challenges. If your SRD banking details change, you have to refresh your details with Sassa. This allows your grant to keep coming on time to the correct account. I follow these steps:

Visit the SASSA Website

  • Go to Sassa banking details link on your phone or computer or at an internet café.
  • Click on “Login” and enter your SASSA username and password.
  • If you haven’t signed up, create an account using your ID number and personal information.

Find the Banking Details Section

  • Click “Banking Details” or “Manage My Account” once logged in.
  • This is where you can update the account where your grant money goes.

Confirm Your Identity

  • SASSA will request you verify your identity to ensure everything is secure.
  • Have your ID, passport, or asylum document ready.
  • You may need to verify through an SMS code sent to your phone.

Enter New Bank Account Details

  • Carefully type in the details of your new bank account.
  • Ensure the account number, bank name, and branch code are 100% correct.

Review and Confirm Changes

  • Carefully check that all the new details are correct.
  • Once you know all the information is accurate, click “Confirm” or “Submit”.

Wait for Confirmation

  • SASSA will now update your account details in their system.
  • This can take a few working days. Check your messages for progress updates.

Check Your Updated Details

  • Log in to your SASSA account again after some days.
  • Verify that your new banking details are showing correctly.

This is how you can change your banking details for your SRD grant online conveniently through the SASSA website. Ensure your new details are accurate so you continue getting paid on time.

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Updating SASSA Banking Details for South African ID holders

South African citizens receiving SASSA grants must follow specific steps to change their banking details. This section provides guidance tailored for South African ID holders on updating their information with SASSA.

Updating SASSA Banking Details for South African ID holders
  • Visit the SASSA SRD website at
  • Choose that you have a South African ID when asked. This confirms you are a citizen.
  • Scroll down and press the “How do I change my banking details?”
  • Enter your 13-digit South African ID number.
  • SASSA will text you on your given phone number. This will have a special link to change your details.
  • Look at your phone for the text message and click the link.
  • Carefully follow the steps given to update your bank details.
  • Ensure that you put in the correct information for your new account.
  • If you need clarification on something while doing this, contact SASSA for assistance.
  • They can assist with changes to your grant payments and banking.

This is how South African ID holders can easily change bank details for their SRD grant on the SASSA website.

Updating SASSA Banking Details for Asylum Seekers

The way to update bank details with SASSA is a bit different for asylum seekers and those with special permits. Let’s look at the steps asylum seekers must take to update their banking information for grants.

Asylum Seekers and Special Permit Holders
  • Visit the SASSA SRD website at
  • Select that you are an Asylum Seeker when asked.
  • Or choose Special Permit Holder if you have a special permit.
  • Click the option to change your Sassa banking details.
  • Enter your asylum seeker file number.
  • Or enter the passport number linked to your special permit.
  • Also, provide your mobile phone number.
  • SASSA will send you a Payment ID to get your grant at Pick n Pay or the Post Office.
  • This is because some Post Office branches are no longer distributing grants.
  • Updating your details is essential so Sassa can process your payments correctly.
  • Be sure to input the correct account information.

This allows asylum seekers to change their banking details for SRD grants through the Sassa website. Contact Sassa if you need assistance.

Other Ways to Update Your Sassa Payment Method

If you do not have a bank account, Sassa offers alternatives to receive your grant. Instead of changing your banking details, you can get your money through CashSend services. This allows you to collect your funds at Pick n Pay, Shoprite, Checkers, Usave, Boxer, and other retailers. These stores now provide Sassa beneficiaries with accessible payment points across South Africa.

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Simply choose “CashSend” when updating your Sassa payment information and agree to the terms. This method avoids issues some face collecting grants at Post Office branches. Check the Sassa website for the complete list of cash pickup locations. Using alternative payment channels gives you flexible options to get your Sassa grant securely. In addition, two other ways for your SASSA to change payment methods are the following.

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How to change your SASSA banking details by phone or in person

If you want to update your banking details with SASSA but don’t want to use the online system, no worries; updating your payment information is possible without internet access. You can change your banking details over the phone by calling the SASSA call centre. 

Another option is to visit your nearest SASSA office and submit the request in person. Either way, we’ll explain the steps so you can successfully switch your payout account.

  • Call the SASSA toll-free number 0800 60 10 11 to request a SASSA 13 form.
  • Or visit your nearest SASSA office to get the form.
  • Complete the SASSA 13 form by adding your personal information and the new details of your bank.
  • Make sure all the information is correct.
  • Attach an attested copy of your ID.
  • Attach a recent bank statement with your name, account number, and bank name.
  • Bring the filled-out form and all the necessary documents to the nearby SASSA office.
  • Or post them by registered mail to SASSA Head Office, Private Bag X55662, Arcadia, 0083.
  • SASSA will update your details and notify you by SMS or post after completion.
  • Changing bank details might take a few weeks, so plan.
  • This way, your grant payments will not be delayed.

Visiting or calling SASSA directly allows you to change your banking details without Internet access. Just ensure you provide the correct information.

How do you change from post office to bank?

If you receive your monthly SASSA grant at the post office, you may prefer the convenience of a bank account. Fortunately, switching your payout from the post office to a bank account is an easy process. All it takes is submitting a form to SASSA requesting the change and your new bank account details. If you want to know the details, we’ll walk through the steps, from choosing a bank to updating your information with SASSA, to make the transition smooth.

Here is how to change from Post Office collection to bank account deposits.

  • Call SASSA on 0800 60 10 11 for a SASSA 1 form.
  • Or, go to the closest SASSA office to get the form.
  • Fill out the SASSA 1 form by giving your personal information and the new specifics for your bank account.
  • Attach an officially authorized photocopy of your ID.
  • Also, attach a current bank statement displaying your name, the name of your bank name and account number.
  • Bring the filled-out form and papers to the SASSA office near you.
  • Or post them to the SASSA Head Office at Pretoria Private Bag X55662, Arcadia, Pretoria, 0083
  • SASSA will alert you via SMS or mail once they have checked your bank account.
  • The change can take a few weeks, so plan to avoid delayed payments.
  • Gather any remaining payments at the Post Office before doing anything else.
  • Your grant will be transferred to your bank account only after you’ve collected any remaining payments at the Post Office.

By following these steps, you can switch the place where you receive your grant payment from the Post Office to your bank account.

SASSA Verification and Validation Process after Changing Saasa Banking Details

Your work is incomplete if you’ve successfully submitted new banking details to SASSA. Remember, before SASSA can start paying out grants to a new account, they must thoroughly verify the updated information. This post-change validation process typically takes 10-15 working days as SASSA cross-checks account details with banks. 

We’ll take you through what happens during verification, how long it should take, and what to do if your payment doesn’t come through to the new account. Stay vigilant through the validation process to ensure no interruptions or errors with your SASSA payouts.

SASSA Verification and Validation Process after Changing Saasa Banking Details
  • SASSA checks your ID number, name, and surname against Home Affairs records.
  • They match your ID to approved databases like UIF, SARS, and NSFAS.
  • A fraud risk assessment is done with partners. This checks your ID and mobile number.
  • Sassa also has the authority to approve any change or decline based on the verification results.
  • SASSA will let you know about the result and explanations.

The process aims to validate your details and prevent fraud.

Getting approval can take a few weeks after changing your banking details. Check with SASSA for progress updates.

Tips to Avoid Delays in Approving Your Updated Bank Details

Switching your SASSA grant payout to a new bank account should be straightforward. However, during verification, SASSA often disturbs accounts due to minor issues, delaying approval.

We share key tips, from double-checking your new account details to proactively contacting SASSA post-submission. Follow our advice to go smoothly to SASSA payment approval in your new bank account. 

  • Give your branch code, ID number, and bank account number.
  • Thoroughly check all information before sending it.
  • Ensure you are using a secure internet connection.
  • Only submit the change request once.
  • Check that your contact details are latest and correct.
  • Attach all necessary supporting documents.
  • Allow enough time for approval processing.
  • If it takes longer than you expected, check in on it.
  • Respond promptly if SASSA requests more information.
  • Be patient, but persist if there are unexplained delays.

Checking the Status of Bank Details Verification

After submitting new banking details to SASSA, you’ll want to check your approval status. Let’s talk about how to verify the status of your bank account change appeal.

  • Log in to your SASSA account online at
  • Go to the “Manage Account” or “Banking Details” section.
  • Check if your new bank account details are showing as updated.
  • If the status says “Sassa bank verification pending”, your details are still being verified.
  • If it has been over 3 weeks, call the SASSA call centre on 0800 60 10 11.
  • Inquire with the representative to verify the progress of your request to update banking details.
  • Provide your ID number and grant details for verification.
  • Write down any reference digits given for future needs.
  • Keep checking your SASSA account regularly until it shows “Approved.”
  • Go to the SASSA office closest to you if you require further help.

What to Do Once Your SASSA Banking Details Are Verified?

Once SASSA approves your new SRD banking details update, log into your SASSA account and confirm the status shows “Approved.” Carefully check that your updated bank account number, name, branch code, and account type are correct.

Notify your bank to expect SASSA grant deposits into your account. Verify that your grant is deposited as expected on the next payment date.

If funds still go to your old account, contact SASSA to fix this. Update any debit orders to use the new account details.

Destroy old SASSA cards or deposit books that are now obsolete. With verified details, your grant payments can proceed smoothly into the correct bank account.

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What if You Got No Verification After Updating your Bank Information for the Sassa Allowance?

If you completed the application to switch your SASSA grant payout to a new bank account but have yet to get confirmation that the change went through. Without this verification, how can you be sure SASSA has your updated details? In this scenario, there is a need for certain actions you can take to get clarity on the status of your account change. I have covered them in detail, including how to check what details SASSA has on file and step-by-step methods for follow-up.

  • Allow seven business days after submitting the request for changes.
  • Log in to your SASSA account to check if any details are updated.
  • If not updated, call the SASSA call centre for assistance.
  • Ask them for an update on your banking change request.
  • Visit your nearest SASSA office in person for help if needed.
  • Request SASSA to confirm your contact specifics are accurate.
  • Follow up regularly until you get confirmation.
  • If there are unexplained delays, submit a complaint.
  • Persist politely until you get answers from SASSA.
  • Seek assistance from someone reliable if you are still not getting verifications.

Reminder for Beneficiaries

Many South Africans have had their grants disrupted or stolen by not updating their details or by criminals. We want to remind you of some important things you can do to protect your money and identity when dealing with SASSA. Some critical reminders for all SASSA grant recipients regarding protecting and updating their banking information.

  • Update your SASSA details immediately when you change bank accounts. This prevents issues receiving grants.
  • Ensure your SASSA banking information is always current and accurate.
  • Never share your SASSA banking details with anyone else. This protects your finances.
  • Follow up if you do not receive confirmations after changing details.
  • Contact SASSA if you suspect fraud or unauthorised access to your account.
  • Changing details are accessible on the SASSA website. Make sure you enter the correct information.
  • Notifying SASSA about changes ensures you get paid on time without interruptions.

Wrapping It Up

Keeping your banking details updated with Sassa is crucial to ensure you continue receiving your grant payments on time every month. I wrote this article to guide you on when and how to change your banking information online through the Sassa portal, what documents are required, the verification process, and tips to avoid delays.

Whether you are changing bank accounts, closing an old one, updating personal details, or switching payment methods entirely, it is vital to notify Sassa of any changes. Follow the step-by-step instructions outlined here to update your details smoothly.

Remember, accurate banking information guarantees that this essential financial support reaches you without disruptions. So, stay aware and take an active role in overseeing your SASSA account information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Verifying and processing changes to SASSA banking details may take approximately 2-3 weeks. If you haven’t received confirmation after three weeks, follow up on the status.

You can change your banking details online through the SASSA website portal.

You need a copy of your ID, proof of your new bank account, and proof of residence/asylum document.

After changing bank details, your SASSA card remains valid for withdrawals until 31 Dec 2023.

No, SASSA does not charge any fee to update your banking information.

Access your SASSA online account to monitor the status of the changes. Or Reach out to the SASSA helpline for help if required.

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